Friday, November 23, 2018

Horse Barns : Why Use Modular Designs

By Martha Clark

Horse stables have been around for centuries and when you own a farm you are likely to have at least a couple of them. Your horses need to be protected from the cold and the bad weather in the same way that all your other animals do. So let's say that you have run out of room in your existing horse barns and need a solution quick. Thankfully there is one that is perfect for you. Prefabricated barns are economical and can be delivered in just days.

So why should you choose a modular approach when you need some more room for your animals. Surely building with bricks would be better. Well actually there a lot of advantages when you choose prefabricated buildings, and these just start with the cost.

Firstly you may be reluctant to actually build with brick as it is costly and it may require planning permission. In fact the process may be long and drawn out and you simply cannot wait as your animals are cold. Also if your turn over of animals is seasonal, you may not need permanent structures. This means that you would be spending money that you don't have for stables that would be then be empty for a proportion of the year.

So, like prefabricated house are now popular, so are outhouses and stables. They provide a flexible approach that is cost-effective and quick and simply. If you have the land ready, your new stables can be delivered in just a few days of you making the order.

Modular outhouses are perfect as they are cheaper than bricks and mortar but are still strong and will withstand adverse weather. You will save money, and the approach is so flexible that you can even opt to move the barns around as they can be placed where you want them. A lot of businesses use modular offices, as they also provide the flexibility needed by expanding companies.

An obvious plus point to using this approach is the cost. Your new stables will cost a fraction of what they would if you employed builder. Unlike in the past, prefabricated structures are now strong and sturdy and they are built to withstand bad weather too. They are indeed a far cry from the ones that were first seen back in the middle of the twentieth century.

So you'll also save money when you choose modules for your new stables. The prices are very competitive, and once again much lower than if you had to bring in the builders to your farm.

So last but not least let take a look at the design for your new modular stables. You can choose from different shapes, sizes and colours. All to fit in with the rest of your farm buildings. A modular approach allows you to add and remove modules as and when you need them and are perfect for a bespoke and flexible approach for your farm build. But if you really need your stables in a hurry choose from the catalogues online. With them being made in a factory and brought to you on a truck, even the wettest weather will not put a stop to your building plans.

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