Friday, November 9, 2018

How To Properly Deal With Separation Anxiety For Dogs

By Jeffrey Edwards

A lot of researchers and experts are still not able to account for the extraordinary bond between man and dog. Its very mind boggling how no other creature has a universal claim to being the proverbial mans best friend. In fact, these furry best friends even get distressed when separated from their human parents for hours at a time. Separation Anxiety for Dogs in Los Angeles is no uncommon topic for deliberation.

Of course, its not a one way street. People are just as guilty of missing their pets as their pets are of them. However, youd be hard put to find a person clawing, scratching, rolling, bawling, and destroying property just because theyre away from Fido.

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures. Not only that, but theyre also quite human, if you get the drift. They have all these traits and mannerisms that we understand, and vice versa. Theyre proof that empathy and understanding can exist beyond words.

It must mean theyve been anticipating your return too much. In fact, the case of you leaving them, even for minutes at a time, can be really distressing and unbearable for them. Its like having a perpetual shadow literally dogging you everywhere.

However, thats not to blame your totally lovable pet. If theyre suffering from separation anxiety, theyre the last blamable thing to consider. Its not totally clear what causes pets to incur this condition but a common denominator has been drawn with shelter dogs who must have had some or other traumatic experience. Being abandoned or given away is considered one such experience. With other pooches, it may have been with the change of residence, schedule, and household membership, such that if one member went away or has died.

It will no doubt be an unwelcome shock to go back to your house and find that your chairs and tables have been upturned, your walls scratched, your carpets soiled, and your low cabinets hanging by their hinges. Its as if an indoor hurricane formed and laid waste during your absence. Thats for metaphorical purposes, though, because you actually know the real culprit.

Indeed, the criminal, a furry ball of energy, is already barraging his way towards you. Hes beside himself with glee at your return. Youre not in the mood for coddling and petting, though, since youre angling to reprimand this delinquent for all the damage he has done.

However, true blue cases of separation anxiety have resulted in dangerous self injuries that poorly compromise your beloved pets health. You must not wait for recurring episodes replete with scraped nails, broken teeth, and bloodied paws that greatly endanger your much loved dog. Treatments range from counter conditioning, in which you gradually accustom your pet to normalize your absence. You may also leave toys and treats to busy himself with, or else take him out on an exercise, since a tired pooch is not likely to take your room by storm. If still not viable, your vet may recommend some anti anxiety medication.

Anyway, you now realize that reprimanding this intelligent yet uncomprehending creature is actually counterproductive. You know that there are a range of solutions and treatments you can opt for. First, youd try counter conditioning and will for it to actually take effect. If not, you may go on to prescribed anxiety medications. The bottom line is that its not your beloved pets fault, and all the damage was not of his own volition. And so you decide to work out this pickle together. Because thats what best friends do.

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