Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Learn Why Your Dog May Need A Dog Diaper

By James Hamilton

Diapers are usually associated with young kids. Nevertheless, dogs can wear diapers for various reasons. It is normal to ask why dogs should wear a diaper, specifically designed for them. Several things necessitate the use of a dog diaper.

One of the reasons why dogs need diapers is urinary incontinence. This is not a behavioral problem. Some of the factors that cause urinary incontinence in dogs include bladder issues, urinary tract infections, a weak urinary sphincter muscle and diabetes. Even the well-trained dogs can suffer from these issues and urinate uncontrollably. If your pet has urinary incontinence, you should consult a veterinarian. There are surgeries and drugs that may be used to treat the condition. However, if it is not possible to control incontinence in other ways, then you have to use diapers for dogs.

Another reason to use diapers for dogs is when a dog is elderly and unable to control urine or feces. This issue is common in dogs suffering from an ailment known as canine cognitive dysfunction. It has similar symptoms to Alzheimers disease, which affects humans. Dogs with this condition do not remember many of the things they have learned. Although there are drugs that can treat canine cognitive dysfunction, the pet may still need to wear diapers.

The other time you can use diapers is when your female dog has gone into heat. If you use diapers, you will be able to maintain a cleaner house and furnishings. The diapers will also help prevent regular licking, which is commonly experienced by female dogs during the heat cycle.

Diapers for dogs can also be useful during house training. However, pet owners should also be concerned about their pet instead of just the furniture and carpeting in their homes. Therefore, pet owners who choose to use diapers using house training should take their dog outside regularly without the diaper. This way, the pet will know the right place to relieve itself.

There are cloth and disposable pet diapers on the market. Therefore, pet owners debate about which type is most suitable. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly since it is possible to wash and reuse them. However, you may dislike having to wash soiled canine diapers. Furthermore, the initial cost for these products is higher than that of the disposable ones. In contrast, disposable diapers are easy and convenient to use, but they usually end up in landfills. Their cost also adds up over time.

Diapers for dogs have variations in absorbency and fit. Therefore, it is vital to follow the product instructions for measuring and select the right absorption level. You should also change the diapers frequently. Do not let your pet be uncomfortable in a full or wet diaper. Soiled diapers can also cause diaper rash in dogs. The dogs may then experience itching, burning, inflammation and bacterial infections.

As they change the diapers, dog owners can use baby wipes. They should also wear gloves so that they will not come into contact with urine or fecal matter. Canine diapers have a hole for the tails of dogs. If a dog has a docked tail, the owner should cover the hole on the diaper before using it to prevent leakage.

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