Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Things You Must Know About German Shepherd

By Steven Sullivan

Everyone is always talking about owning a very special breed of dog, they call it the most famous German Shepherd. Someone told me that she really wants to own one because of their characteristics that differ from any other breeds. You need to consider few things before even buying or adopting German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Los Angeles CA.

This breed is known for being smart and agile. This is seen on how advanced they obey their owners. Their intelligence is shown in a way that they can even be trained for guarding, which is helpful for shepherds. Training and taking good care of them daily could maintain their intelligence.

All dogs are known for their loyalty, but this loyalty is different, they cannot only be useful during trainings, but they could also guard the kids of their owners. They can be very aware of knowing that the person in front of them is stranger.

German Shepherd are said to be famous for having a good temperament. Unlike any other dog, it is not as aggressive as others could be. They remain very calm and never nervous when surrounded by strange, they may bark but not as aggressive as others would do. They might be calm but they can be very intelligent as some people would describe.

Movies about dogs are portrayed by this kind of breed. What makes the director of movies let them embody movies, how they show hardworking and a manner of behaving during the scene, doing only what they had been trained to do. As you can see to most dog cartoon movies, the actors are this breed. Because producers see them as different from other breeds.

If there is one more thing that makes it more attractive, it would be the appearance. As it grows, it will develop muscularity on its body, and bigger in terms of body sizes. The eyes may be brown or blue, often times others would have eyes having each color. Their coats also have various colors from gray, grizzle, blue, and brown, a marking of white sports could also be present in their coats.

The male and female of this dog also have different size and weight. Make could grow up until 22 inches tall, while the female could be 21 inches or more. They also weigh differently, the male could weigh 70 pounds to 100 pounds, while the female could only be 60 to 80 pounds.

As we all know different breeds have different lifespans. What makes them good to adopt is its high lifespan. They may live until 12 years or more. To maintain its high lifespan, proper care, and nurture should be solemnly done by the owners, exercise is highly recommended.

Different wonderful and positive traits of the German Shepherd makes everyone want to own one of them. But in order to maintain these characteristics, they need to always be groomed accordingly and to maintain the healthy lifestyle of the dog. Always maintain their good health when owning one, they are rare and hard to find breeds. No more abuses would be done to them, and always make sure to train them well. They are said to be one of the most unique breeds of dogs, because of their smart and stimulative thinking and skills.

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