Thursday, January 10, 2019

After You Type Out Weimaraner Puppies For Sale Near Me

By Jerry Reynolds

Many people the world over have taken to getting pets to keep them company. In fact you feel like you may be ready to take on a pet and your friends have suggest a Weimaraner as a pet. This has intrigued you for a bit and you have even typed out the phrase "Weimaraner puppies for sale near me" in the search bar on the internet. You have received some hits regarding his and you are quite excited about it. Before you commit however it may be a good idea to finish of this article first.

Make sure that you are really ready to take on a pet as a commitment for it takes a lot of responsibility. You must remember that taking care of a living thing is by no means an easy feat so you must make sure that you are really up to it. If you feel any reservations at all about the ability of yours to take care of one, it may be a good idea to delay your decision for a bit.

This particular breed that you are interested in is an 18th century hunting hound that originate in Germany. It is named after the town of Weimar, where it was known that the Duke in the area at the time was very fond of hunting. It is basically a gun dog, which is used to flush out game like quail and ducks so that they can be shot at.

Since it is a hunting dog and classified as such in many registers, do expect behavior related to this breed as well whether you plan use it for hunting or not It will need a bit of space to freely move in, so apartment and small space living is out of the question. Do be prepared for it to chase smaller animals it sees from time to time.

Two general ailments will likely plague this breed once you have it, and these are skin problems and bloat. The deep chest of the Weimaraner will make it prone to bloat which will cause gastric torsion where the stomach twists and constrict and will pinch off blood flow. As for the skin it will have its share of allergies which will cause hair loss and itching. In both cases, a timely and regular visit to the veterinarian should be of great help in alleviating these conditions.

As a hunting dog it is a people oriented one and willing to please its owner. It will develop deep bonds with its owner and will not want to leave him or her alone at all. Due to this trait it will have problems with separation anxiety and this I something you must address early on with proper training. It is definitely a dog that will demand a fair bit of attention from you.

With proper training and socialization, they will get along fine with children and also other animals, but must be watched in case it's territorial instincts kick in. It is also a highly intelligent breed that must be trained early to make maximum use of its intelligence.

This breed has a long haired and a short haired variety, . The former will need daily brushing to keep it tangle and mat free. Short haired dogs still need regular brushing also to keep the gloss and health of the fur.

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