Thursday, January 3, 2019

Choosing Holistic Healing For Animals For Your Pet

By Henry Cole

Therapeutic programs that are holistically designed and implemented have been available to humans for years now. People suffering from a host of ailments ranging from drug addiction to chronic pain benefit from being treated as whole beings rather than a litany of symptoms or body parts. Seeing the advantages that come to human patients, veterinarians increasingly are utilizing the same approach to treating pets. You might see the perks of seeking out holistic healing for animals for your own pet when you want to facilitate its total healing.

Veterinarians have known for a long time that an animal is fully capable of experiencing the same type of physical and psychological trauma as humans. Pets like cats and dogs are sentient beings, after all, and more than capable of feeling not only pain but also fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about their own health. Given this fact, many vets agree that pets could benefit from treatments that are holistically designed.

The basis of these treatment involves treating the creature as a whole being rather than a sum of symptoms or targeted body parts. When an animal is treated as a whole being instead of just a presenting symptom or ailing body part, it has a better chance of recovering faster. In many cases, the healing is also more thorough with recurrences of ailments being lower depending on the age and overall condition of the pet.

For example, a dog that suffer from arthritis may not only experience pain in its joints and muscles. It also might feel afraid of the pain and suffer from anxiety at the thought of having to walk or move. It may purposely avoid moving at all simply because of the amount of pain it experiences. To recover fully, the animal needs treatment not only for the arthritis but also the anxiety behind the condition.

To relieve both health challenges, the provider may talk to the dog in a soothing tone while massaging its muscles and joints. Some facilities also use hydrotherapy for pets that suffer from chronic pain. The calm voice along with the soothing massaging and warm water calms not only the pain but also the anxiety the dog might be feeling. It in essence begins to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally because of this level of care.

In the same way, this therapeutic approach might come in useful for rehabilitating abused and neglected pets. A cat that has been abandoned by its owners, for example, may have grown mistrustful of all humans. It may try to bite and scratch when someone handles it. The therapy may help the animal overcome its mistrust, however, and thus become a more desirable prospect for adopting into a stable home.

The therapy can include utilizing playtime as a way to gain the trust of the cat. While they are playing with the cat, the caregivers might use a gentle and quiet tone of voice. The tone of the voice teaches the cat it has nothing to fear and that it can trust people not to hurt it. After a few weeks of this kind of therapy, the feline patient might be ready to be adopted or at least fostered in a home.

By using holistic treatments, vets and animal caretakers could change the lives of animals brought to them for care. They address physical, emotional, and mental traumas. Pets are treated as whole beings rather than a sum of symptoms or targeted body parts.

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