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Easy Steps For Dog Grooming In Wilbraham MA

By Larry Hayes

Bathing your puppy is one of the most important responsibilities of the owner. This is the only way that you can keep the pet smelling and looking good. This is especially true in the case of long-haired dogs that need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month. Professional dog grooming in Wilbraham MA comes at a cost, and it is recommended that you do the cleaning process by yourself. If you are a beginner, you can follow these simple tips to groom your puppy at home.

Begin by preparing the work area before you bring in the pet to be cleaned. You need to decide whether the bathing process will take place in the tub, sink, shower, or outside. You should gather all the tools that you will use in cleaning the dog. The tools should be within your reach so that you do not go around looking for them as the cleaning process is still going on.

Any tangled or matted hair on the puppy should be removed before the bathing process commences. A detangle solution is the best way of removing the tangles. Avoid soaking the coat in water because this will harden the tangles making it difficult for you to remove them. A matting rake can be used if the hair so matted up. Matting and detangling procedures should precede the actual bathing process.

Depending on the dig breed, you may find that there is unwanted hair on the chest, neck, feet pads, hocks, and belly. This hair needs to be removed or clipped through the use of sheers or scissors. This is especially true in the case of those breeds that have long hair. Be careful enough to avoid cutting through the pets skin.

Another important step in the cleaning process is brushing and combing of the hair. The type of brush used in this process depends on the dog breed. For the long hair breeds, you need a special brush that will completely remove dirt as well as dander. In the case of short haired breeds, use a brush that has softer bristles to avoid injuring the skin. Ensure that you do not leave out certain areas like the tail and the head.

At this point, you should slowly introduce the dog to the bathing water. Some dogs despise the bath process while others like it. With a little encouragement, your dog will soon begin enjoying the bath. Check on the temperature of the water to ensure it is neither hot nor cold. Use shampoo to wash the coat and skin. Use your hands to rub and massage the shampoo through the skin of your pet. Rinse the skin properly to ensure there are no remaining suds.

You can then proceed to dry the skin, coat, and hair completely. You can begin by using a dry towel. Follow this up with a blow drier that has very low or no heat. As the dog is drying up, this is a perfect time to do the other small tasks such as cleaning the ears, trimming the toe nails, and brushing the teeth.

If you were having a difficult time cleaning your pet, you could use these steps to guide you in the process. This will ensure that your pet is looking and smelling good.

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