Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How To Effective Teach Your Dog New Tricks

By Karen Parker

Household animal companions have been around since the early civilizations. They are adorable and cute and are often the first line of defense against home intrusions. It is rare for a household to have no pets. Children like to play with them and in a way, they are part of an extended family. The most common of these are dogs. If you have one you can have it trained at Dog Training Tampa.

It is still to be determined when this creature became tame. There is an anecdotal tale handed down from generation to generation about this. A pack member got injured and was left for dead and abandoned by the group. Somehow this injured critter found its way into a mans hearth and home. Out of pity, the homeowner took care of it and the rest is history.

There are several breeds of these critters, the result of accidental and purposeful crossbreeding. There are those which are considered as exotic like toy poodles and Shih Tzus. The biggest of them is the great Dane which could measure up to more than forty four inches at the shoulders. The smallest one is the chihuahua which is about the size a family cat.

There are several competitions which involve these animals. Most of it relates to command and control tests like hurdling obstacles and catching and retrieval of an object in water and on the air. Some shows also feature pageant like contests where looks and grooming are judged. This is really difficult because of the different breeds and discriminating one over the other is not a good idea.

Dogs have characters and personalities of their own. All of them can be trained by an expert handler. This may begin with simple actions like sitting, rolling, fetching objects, and being on a leash. Treats are usually given to these animals when they are able to recognize and obey commands. One has to remember that these pets are very loyal.

Dogs are like humans, almost, in that they like daily routines. Letting them learn and recognize who the master is will be the first thing to teach. They must also learn not to poo inside the house, and that this should be done outside. This can be taught by letting them out at least three or four times a day. This will turn into a habit and make them poo outside.

Another daily activity that will form into a habit is taking the dog for a walk in the early morning at absolutely the same time. Dogs can be conscious of time according to studies made by experts. They recognize differences in time intervals of more than fifteen minutes. If you are late in waking your dog, forget it. You will be doing tag team with it.

Military and police forces the world over employ dogs to perform detection jobs. These creatures possess very sensitive noses and can smell illegal substances. Armies also use this animal to guard their camp at night time and during the day when they are not around. They also are very good home alarm systems, barking and chasing down intruders.

The playfulness of smaller breeds can be troublesome since they have the tendency to knockdown things with their constant running around. This definitely is not true with the bigger ones. These seem to be more docile and gentle than their smaller counterparts. This has puzzled some experts and there is no conclusive reason yet available for this.

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