Friday, January 18, 2019

Pooper Scooper Services New Jersey; Misconceptions About Picking Up Dog Poop

By Shirley Hall

There are misconceptions about cleaning up after a pet that ought to be addressed. If you are pet parent it goes without saying that that is your responsibility to ensure that the poop of your pooch is not left lying on the ground. There are key reasons why you would want to ensure poop scooping duties are taken seriously. When searching for reliable pooper scooper services New Jersey could offer you a decent number of dependable experts.

The first reason to clean the mess of your pooch is because this is common courtesy. Ignoring the poop and leaving it on the ground among the rudest things you can do as a pet parent. In life, there are not so many things that are more horrifying that stepping on a pile of dog poop. This is regardless of whether the owner of the mess is your furry family member or not.

There are a million ways through which stepping on dog waste can ruin your day. If you accidentally step on a mess and gain entry to your home interiors, this could leave you with more work that can upset your schedules not to mention your good moods. The same would happen if you stepped on poop and gained entry into your car.

Dog poop is harmful. This is a fact that cannot be emphasized enough. It is wrong to assume that poop is created equal and dog waste is just as good as the fertilizer produced from cow dung. If this fact was true, then whole nations would not spend billions of dollars to create sewer treatment plants for human waste.

Dogs have digestive systems and dietary preferences that are very different from those of cows. Canines eat diets that are rich in protein and their waste is packed with nitrogen and phosphorus. In short, dog poop cannot by any means serve as fertilizer. If anything, it could burn your lawn and even contaminate local watersheds.

The waste of your canine contains disease causing parasites and bacteria. These microbes are harmful to not only humans, but also dogs. Dog poop often contains salmonella and E. Coli that often carry worms like Coronavirus, Cryptosporidiosis, Campybacteriosis, Parvovirus, Salmonellosis and Giardiasis. Such parasites can remain in the soil for years, posing even greater risk to canines and humans.

You should clean after your pet because the poop will not get washed away and disappear sooner or later. In fact, the waste of dogs can take over a year to break down. In case you choose to stall and just wait, the parasites and bacteria in the poop will have plenty of time to get into the ground and contaminate the soil and local watersheds.

It is perfectly okay not to like the duties of picking poop. In this case, you can choose to seek professional assistance. The ideal experts will have the right tools and skills to offer outstanding services. This will ensure that the environment, your loved ones and your furry friend are protected.

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