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Strategies On How To Select A Slow Feeder For Hay

By Timothy Bell

Slow feeders are great developments for equines this will allow only a few portions of hay that could be withdrawn at a single time. This is similar with the natural pattern and it keeps the horses more busy for long periods and avoid the stretching of hours when horses have nothing to put in their stomachs. Many owners are happy with the nets because this will lengthen the rides on trailers and prevents the animals from getting hungry. When it comes with slow feeders for horses, owners must purchase the right equipment to feed their animals.

Do your part and conduct some research first before buying one. Check equipment and tack stores. Talk to some friends about reasons that they like their own feeder and what advantages does it give. Look at books and catalogs and photos to compare the models. Keep the factors into your mind and remember the designs.

Before purchasing a feeder for horses, do some research first. It is vital to gather as much information as possible before making any decision. Learn all the concepts that involves for purchasing the equipment. Understand the differences and advantages of the equipment to find the right one. Compare the different types and ask the store owner about their differences.

The feeder must be solid enough. It should be made from different materials or plastics so it will not be damaged or deformed when being exposed to hot and cold weather situations and temperatures. It must be tough enough to withstand bumps and kicks from the animals as well. This will also require maintenance like cleaning and moving to another spot.

If the net has a hole which is too large, it will give the animal as much as they can buffet. This would become similar by letting them eat on the ground. Many researchers have suggested to use a net that has a smaller size because it will take some time for animals to consume it. This will slow their feeding but not induces exasperation.

The hay baskets must have a round metal frame that can hold a removable plastic basket with large openings to open some drainage. This makes the hays dryer than sitting them on the ground. Make it sure the openings are big enough and rounded to prevent the horses teeth and mouth from getting damaged.

By using a net, it offers a few advantages. They come in different sizes that can hold different amount of hay. Flexibility is found when mounting it. It can be installed on a tree, a wall or a post.

Get referrals from your friends and loved ones. They may know some ideas and information that is not available to you. They may have even used the feeder themselves on their horses and they can share their experience and knowledge about it.

Budgeting will also become an issue. Slow feeders are expensive. However, there are some products that are cheap but still offer the same benefits as the high classed ones.

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