Friday, January 11, 2019

The Issue With Separation Anxiety For Dogs In Los Angeles

By Christine Young

One of them most common problems that people have with their pets is separation anxiety. Separation anxiety for dogs in Los Angeles can happen for a number of reasons. One can understand that there are many animals who are simply attached to their owners and find it difficult to let go of them.

It especially applies to an animal who has been through a lot of trauma in the past. They may have been neglected or abandoned in the past. They may think that the same thing is going to happen once again. There are people who have taken long trips in the past. They may think that they will have to go without seeing their owner for a lengthy period once again. However, it is just a case of them going to the store.

It can involve destruction of the home. The dog may begin to escape and end up with bruising and bloody and scratched paws. Some animals begin to urinate in the home. This is more evident, and something worth following up. Of course, it is also something that one has to follow up with a vet before turning to a behaviourist.

This is the worst case scenario. However, when you keep an eye out for this, then you will find out more about what to do and it won't be as traumatic. Things to be aware of is whether the animal begins to howl, bark or whether he tries to escape as you leave. There are different types of anxiety that can exist.

There are behaviourists who have the methods and techniques to solve many of these problems, which can be different in all cases, depending on the situation. They will ask about the history and the background. This will rule out disorders our medical problems. This can be causing the problems as well.

There are various treatment options, which a person will look into, depending on the circumstances. The owner can work with the dog, helping him to eliminate the amount of fear that he is carrying around with him. They will take note of what it is that is bothering him. Once they discover what it is that is bothering him, they will use counterconditioning to help develop a positive association.

There is a solution to this. First of all, the family needs to make sure that they are dealing with this in the right way. There is a right way and a wrong way in which one must talk to the animal. When you scold your best friend, you are increasing the anxiety levels. He can't help what he is feeling, and there needs to be a greater solution to this.

There are different levels in which a dog is fearful. In a mild case, the dog will need to notice what it is fearful of. This needs to be dealt with. In a more severe case, the dog should be taken away from the environment, and slowly introduced once again. A behaviourist can be very helpful in a case like this. You can start off with short absences and increase these over time.

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