Friday, January 4, 2019

Why It Is Necessary To Regularly Visit A Veterinary Clinic In Germantown

By Barbara Russell

Nobody can argue the fact that mankind simply cannot survive, even in this day and age of high technology, without animals. Animals provide humans with food such as milk, meat and eggs, their hides are used to create clothing and shelter, they work as shepherds and pack animals, they provide friendship and these are just a few examples. The reverse side of the coin is that humans need to take care of their animals. With help from a veterinary clinic in Germantown, this is not difficult.

Over time, humans have systematically and selfishly destroyed all the environments that enabled animals to look after themselves. This means that humans now carry the responsibility of caring for all animals, even those living in the wilds. This entail feeding them, providing them with shelter, making sure that they can exercise and providing them with medical care when they need it. It is the duty of all animal owners to do so.

Vets have to complete extremely comprehensive and highly intensive training before they may practice. They can treat a very wide variety of medical conditions, but this is not the only function they perform. The also provide very valuable advice on diets required by different species, the type of exercise necessary for different breeds of animals and the environment most suitable for them to thrive and be happy.

Pet owners should always consult a vet before they acquire a new pet. The vet will be able to advise whether the intended new pet will be able to thrive in the environment where it will have to live and whether it will be suitable for the needs of the owners. It is not just pet owners that consult vets before acquiring new animals. Breeders, for example, will not buy an expensive breeding animal before a vet has not examined it thoroughly.

It is unfortunate that the vast majority of animal owners do not deem it necessary to submit their animals to routine medical examinations by a vet. The truth is that animals do not manifest pain the way humans do. Routine examinations will reveal potential problems at an early stage. This makes it easier and cheaper to treat. Once an animal is in distress it is often too late to treat it successfully.

The biological make up of the different species of animals are worlds apart and no vet can possibly hope to keep up with advances in every one of these fields. That is why most veterinarians specialize. They concentrate on specific species and this allows them to remain on top of their game. Owners with several species of animals should therefore use more than one vet.

Vets and animal welfare organizations routinely have to deal with animals that were either adopted when they were still cuddly and cute, or given as unwelcome gifts. No pet should ever be given as a surprise gift and no animal should be adopted without taking cognizance of the fact that the animal will grow up and that its needs will change. Animal ownership is a huge responsibility.

It is the fault of humans that animals are helpless and dependent. Humans have stolen their environments and fenced them in everywhere. It is therefore the sacred duty of mankind to take responsibility for the millions of animals sharing this earth with them.

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