Thursday, February 21, 2019

Benefit From Using Horse Hay Feeders For Slow Feeding

By Dorothy Cooper

When you are slow feeding your horse, then it will be taking a small amount of food over an extended period. In contrast to humans who eat three meals a day, these ponies are herbivores with a digestive system designed to eat regularly. Therefore, using the horse hay feeders will bring you many advantages. Some of them are listed in the article.

There will be a slow secretion of cortisol which can be as a result of taking in food very fast. Increased cortisol can result in increased insulin causing fat storage. When the situation continued, there is a high possibility of animal developing obesity. Other than providing limited meals it is better to let the pony have meals throughout because slow eating will allow minimum weight.

When the animal eats slowly, there is no possibility of developing ulcers. The production of acid in these beings is through the 24 hours of the day. When there is a free choice of foliage, the stallion will also produce gallons of saliva which is an alkaline substance thus neutralizing the acid leading to less probability of developing ulcers in the stomach.

The other benefit of allowing the animal to have food available all the time is that it increases digestion. To have increased absorption, the pony will need time and several movements. Eating and moving around allows the foliage to rest in different positions which works well to improve digestion and fermentation of the food.

Boredom within the ponies will be eliminated when they eat from such equipment. Since they will be consuming something all the time, they will be occupied. They will not have the free time to build up any bad behavior. In most cases, this happens when they are bored. Constant eating, therefore, will affect them positively. What these steeds love to do most is eating. Staying for more than an hour without food will bring out a feeling of discomfort in their digestive system.

These feeders will lead to slow eating that increases the chew time. When they are continually chewing, the ponies experience natural wear of the teeth. When they are eating in their natural grazing position, their jawbones will move naturally. Therefore, there will be no restriction in movement of the mandible. If their jaw bone can move freely, then this will aid in the optimum mastication.

Wastage of hay will also be a thing of the past with the slow feeding option. These feeders will protect the hay from being blown by the wind or being trampled on by the stallions. These mounts tend to prefer when they are eating outside in an open space. They are preying animal and use their hearing and sight to notice predators. Taking these defenses from them will cause psychological tension.

This method of taking food allows for weight management. Hay has a lot of calories in a concentrated form. Because of that, it may cause the animal to be overweight. The movement involved in slow feeding allows the body to use a lot of calories because of the movement involved thus reducing weight accusation in the body. If you do not want to begin dealing with issues of overweight try this method.

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