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Enjoy Horse Riding More With These New And Used Saddles For Sale Iowa

By Kathleen Graham

If you own a horse, then you can agree that it is quite pleasant. However, it comes with some duties and costs associated with it. Among the costs is that of purchasing and maintaining your horse saddles. These are the points of contact between the horse and the rider and are made in different kinds, styles and dimensions. You can choose to buy a Western or English saddle depending on your preferences. This article examines the tactics to ensure you always buy the best new and used saddles for sale Iowa.

The condition of the leather should be your first point of consideration. You should check out for cracks on the leather surface as this would point to possible rot. There are various methods for taking care of saddles that include conditioning and cleaning using specific soaps. A well-kept saddle will have few or no cracks on the leather.

You should also take a look at the stitching work on the saddle. The stitches keep the components within the saddle together and prevent it from falling apart during use. The problem to watch out for is frayed stitches. These could become loose very fast, and you should, therefore, consider having the entire saddle stitching done again.

Run your hand along the saddle tree lining to check for any breakages or cracks. The tree holds the saddle and lets it maintain its shape even during usage. If the saddle tree breaks or cracks, it could cause discomfort to the horse during rides. You can find the broken points easily by checking for areas within the leather that wrinkle easily.

Test how well the saddle fits. There should be some allowance between the section where the rider sits and the end of the seat. This will allow for comfort during riding. Examine the straps and the inlets through which they run for any signs of excessive wear. Having all parts in good condition ensures that your saddle does not fall apart during normal riding.

You should also have in mind the comfort of the horse. A good saddle is supposed to feel comfortable to the rider and the horse. If the saddle is too small to fit the shape of your horse, then it will be uncomfortable, and it will not ride as well as you would want to.

Decide whether you will buy a used or a new horse pillion. The guiding factor here is quality. You will be better off with a good quality used pillion than a new one of less than ideal quality. The upside to getting a used seat is that the leather is already conditioned and thus more comfortable. Ensure you have thoroughly examined the leather on the horse pillion surface.

Take an experienced horse rider with you when buying a saddle. This will help you make better decisions from the advice you will receive. Ensure that you get as much information as you can regarding the particular saddle you intend to purchase.

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