Friday, February 22, 2019

Merits That Make It Essential To Register My Puppy

By Carol Jackson

Pet owners keep pondering in their minds on whether they should have their new puppies registered or not. Animals kept for breeding, sports, and other lucrative activities might not show immediate benefits of registering them to the owners. However, having the registered has several benefits that are realized immediately and later in life. Below are the reasons why it is essential to register my puppy.

Fees charged by various agencies scare homeowners who want their products licensed or registered. However, before concluding that some charges might be higher, it is important that you ask the officials in that department. Having the pups registered costs a few dollars that cannot have any effect on your budget.

Tracking lost dogs that have no names and their profile are registered with the relevant bodies is a losing battle. People need dogs, and whenever they find a stray one, they take it to their homes. However, puppies that have name tags may not be taken away because registering them again will not be possible. By acquiring these permits, you are assured of the safety of your lovely puppy whether it is stolen or lost.

Regular treatments are compulsory for the overall health of your animals. These treatments are only issued to animals whose profile is available in government portal thus forcing every pet owner to have them listed. With a badge, veterinarians will not hesitate to administer whichever vaccine or treatment or vaccination enhancing the safety of the homeowners and other occupants.

Just like humans, animals have social activities where they play and perform other activities. Organizers of such events are keen on which dogs should participate or come nearby the event. Those bearing no registration are denied the opportunity which is frustrating to the animal and its owners. This is done to ensure that all participating animals are safe and they will not infect each other before the end of the match.

Pets are an investment and must stay protected from harm. Some puppies are obtained at thousands of dollars that could become a loss from a minor natural calamity. However, if it does not have a birth certificate, the insurance firms cannot cover it. Get the animal registered and enjoy several insurance policies that might help you buy another animal after its death.

Families that like traveling to other regions cannot be allowed to go with their pets if they are not registered. Custom officials demand registration and immunization certificate before they clear you for travel at the airport. To avoid leaving them at foster care for the entire period that you will be away, it is good they get registered. You shall not encounter any challenge with the law both locally and internationally.

Take your pup for licensing once it becomes three months of age. Going later than these months attracts hefty fines that would have been avoided. The notion that the government demands for registration as a way of gaining income should not be entertained considering that the accumulated funds are used in improving animal lives.

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