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Properties To Look For In Siberian Kittens For Sale Virginia

By Marie Edwards

Cat breeds tend to vary in their characteristics but in many cases, they share other features. So, if you have an interest in a given breed, it is crucial that you consider carrying out research that will equip you with knowledge about the specific characteristics of that particular breed. This will help you determine if the cats that are being sold correspond to your interested breed according to the features they possess. The article below shows a number of features possessed by Siberian kittens for sale Virginia.

A dense coat. They have a dense coating on their body surface. The coat is usually layered to make it highly resistant to the adverse cold temperatures. A thick-furred tail can also be observed in these cat breeds. During winter seasons, the coat of these types of cats tends to become thicker. This is the number one quality you can consider in the cats being sold to ascertain if they belong to this breed.

Gold, green eyes that are round in shape. The other quality of this cat breed is the possession of eyes that are green or gold in color. Also, the blue-eyed ones exist but are not as common as the last two. When buying a cat, observing its eye color in line with other qualities might help you prove its breed. Their eyes apart from having blue, green or gold colors may possess an almost perfectly round shape.

A liking for water. A striking difference between this cat breed and the rest is their love for water. They love water a lot such that they love it when you immerse them in water. This is due to their dense coats which do not allow water into their skins. When few water drops are trickled on their coat, they drop to the ground.

These animals like to sit on the laps of their owners, are playful and active. Not that other cat breeds do not like playing but with this breed, you will find out that there is a big difference in their play and activity. The cats of this kind will play with everything in their sight in their immediate surroundings. This makes them active. Their closeness to their owners is also striking as they love sitting on their laps.

They are not bothered by noise. Another distinctive characteristic of these pets is their ability to tolerate noise. Take an object and drop it near the pet, if it is not startled by the noise, then you have the right cat breed.

The weight. This breed has large sized bodies. The female cat weighs around four to six kilograms while a male kitten has a body weight of between six to ten kilograms. You can do the weighing at home by assessing yourself alone and then later when you are holding the cat. The difference you get between the two weights is the weight that the cat has.

This kind of breed has characteristic ears. The ears have characteristics that highly distinguish them. The long hairs stand out and make the ears look pointed. There is also a coloring that tends to darken at the edge.

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