Saturday, February 23, 2019

Reasons For Obtaining A Puppy Birth Certificate

By Arthur Gray

People who own pets need to take time in ensuring they are safe and healthy. Walking the pets and feeding them on a daily basis is not enough to ensure their safety. Pet owners keep forgetting or ignoring the vital part of having them registered. They avoid it thinking their money will go to waste forgetting that a lot of benefits can be derived from its registration. Here are common benefits of acquiring a puppy birth certificate.

Most states demand that pet keepers obtain licenses from the respective bodies making it a law. Whenever officers from the livestock department are making rounds, they will demand the certificates. Lack of this document amounts to fines, and the pet might be taken away from your care amounting to losses and loneliness. Also, remember to renew the licenses as scheduled to prevent confrontations with the officials.

Dogs require vaccination from time to time against rabies and other infections. Whenever these vaccinations are carried out, an immunization certificate is issued. These certificates cannot be produced if the animals bear no registration papers. Therefore, to maintain the sound health of your lovely puppy, ensure you register it with the respective department in your area.

Although homeowners protect their properties by erecting strong brick fences, the puppies can still get a chance to come out. As such, tracing them when they are not bearing the name tags on their necks is difficult. When you get them registered, they are issued with name tags that are permanently fixed on their ears or necks. This makes it easier for anyone to know who they belong to and return them.

Unregistered dogs that are taken to shelters are sold within a short time compared to the ones that have name tags. From the database, the animal shelter can trace back the owner through the registration number of the puppy. As such, you will still get your dog even if it got lost when your miles away on your business. Registering your puppies does not cost much, and its renewal is cheaper. This makes it possible for everyone that has these pets to get their birth and immunization certificates.

People who fail to take their newborn puppies for registration are ignorant of the available registration channels. The state has a section on its website where homeowners can have their animals registered. It takes a few coins to complete the process at the comfort of your house. Also, employing the services of available animal agents in the community can hasten the process considering that you will attend your duties as usual as they deal with the dogs.

Contributing to social welfare or a community project is not a loss at the end of the day. These fees accumulated from the registration process are the ones used in running the shelters. Without such funds, animals will keep loitering around biting your kids and destroying properties which are an economical and health crisis. Therefore, avoid overlooking the fees and contribute to this important cause in the community.

Several agencies offer dog protection services, and they are all a phone call away. No matter how busy you are, you can afford some minutes whereby they shall pick the pups and return them after completing their registration. Moreover, it is a significant way of safeguarding your pet from getting stolen or lost.

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