Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Important Questions That You Need To Ask The Standard Poodle Breeder Before You Buy The Puppy

By Matthew Collins

If you want an active companion who will play very hard outdoors and come back to relax on the coach in the evening, then the purebred puppies could just be what you are looking for. It is very important for you to ensure that you research on the standard poodle breeder to make sure that you get what you want. In most cases, the prospective puppy buyers do not know those questions that they need to ask the breeders. The following questions will guide you if you are planning to buy a purebred puppy from a reputable owner.

The interview should begin with a question on the experience of the person in breeding the poodles. The owner should tell you the number of years that they have spent breeding poodles. Breeders who have more years of experience are knowledgeable on all issues pertaining to the puppies such as health, nutrition, and genetics.

It is important for you to inquire on how many litters that the owner gets in a single year. The standard requirement is that the owner should breed an average of 7 litters in a year. You should be careful in choosing those breeders that have exceeded this limit because the task of rearing many puppies is very demanding. Chances are that such breeders are focusing on the profit aspect more instead of the welfare of the puppy.

The dog owner should furnish you with details pertaining to the age of the dam and sire of the current litter. Experts recommend that these dogs should not be bred until they attain the age of 2 years and above. It is important for you to note that health issues surface when these dogs attain the age of 2 years. Any dog owner who is concerned about the poodles health will wait until they are of age before they can begin the breeding process.

Poodles just like other dog breeds are prone to certain health problems. During the interview, the dog owner should elaborate further on this issue. This is a very important aspect of the breeding process and the interview should be concluded if you fail to get this information from the owner. There are so many diseases that are common in these puppies that every potential dog owner should be aware of.

Any good dog owner should provide details on how the puppies have been socialized. The socialization process needs to begin while the puppies are still young. The dogs should be comfortable when they are around people and children. You need to ensure that the owner has done everything possible to prepare the dogs to easily adjust in your household.

Inquire from the owner on the age at which they sell the puppies. It is recommended that the puppies should not be separated from their mothers until they attain the age of seven weeks. Separating the puppies early may make them aggressive because they have not interacted properly with the other litters. In fact, it is considered it is considered illegal for puppies to be sold before they reach seven weeks.

The search for reputable breeders does not have to be daunting anymore. You can rely on the above questions to guide you in find the best breeders to buy the puppies from.

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