Sunday, February 17, 2019

Tips For Choosing Dog Kennels In Western MA

By Donna Cole

Going on vacation should be a relaxing experience. However, as a pet owner, being away from home for a long period can bring about anxiety. As you prepare for a trip, you should weigh all the pet care options available to make the best decision for you and your dog. You do not want to worry about your pet when you are on vacation.

It can be difficult to leave your pet behind if you are not sure who will take good care of it. Taking the dog with you may also be impractical since only a few hotels accept pets. Furthermore, the thought of losing your companion animal in unfamiliar surroundings can be terrifying. The best way to ensure that your pet will get the care it needs is taking it to one of the dog kennels in Western MA. These facilities have experienced staff members who care for pets when the owners are committed elsewhere.

To ensure that your dog will receive high quality care, you should select a reputable boarding kennel. You can find such a facility by getting recommendations from trustworthy friends, pet sitters, veterinarians or pet groomers. Once you get recommendations, you should visit the boarding kennels for a tour.

As they tour the dog boarding facilities, dog owners should inquire about the services offered there. They should also inquire if the kennels provide structured activities daily. They should also find out whether there are restrictions about bringing food from home to ensure that dogs stick to the diet they are used to. Pet owners should also visit the sleeping quarters to find out whether their pet will be comfortable. They should also find out whose responsibility it is to provide the bedding.

Another thing to consider as you visit the dog boarding kennels is how the staff cares for the dogs. The best dog boarding kennels have qualified and experienced staff. These caretakers know how to handle pets with different personalities. They can also administer medicines properly. Furthermore, excellent kennels work with a veterinary doctor who can visit the facilities within a short time to evaluate or treat sick pets.

It is also essential to consider the levels of cleanliness in a dog boarding kennel. A good boarding kennel will be tidy, clean and odor free. The facility will also be safe for dogs. This means that it will not have safety hazards like slippery floors and the outdoor areas will be secure.

The other factor to inquire about is if a dog boarding kennel prioritizes on the health of pets. The best dog kennels require pet owners to provide them with proof of vaccinating their pets. This helps eliminate the risk of pets being exposed to contagious diseases like rabies.

Once you find the ideal kennel, it is advisable to take your pet there for a few hours before leaving it at the facility for the whole duration of your trip. This will go a long way in keeping your pet at ease. Your dog will not feel as if it has been abandoned a place it is unfamiliar with. It is also advisable to provide the staff members at the facility with your phone number, email or other contact information so that they can contact you easily in the event of an emergency. When you select a reputable kennel you can be worry free during your trip knowing that your dog will get high quality care.

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