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Where To Look For Yorkies For Sale

By Shirley Ward

If you are looking for a companionable dog, you perhaps have quite a lot of particularities in consideration. After all, you should ideally source a dog based on your lifestyle, and never the other way around. If you think the Yorkshire Terrier fits all your individual considerations, you can go on and look at yorkies for sale.

The pups of the Yorkshire are born black, and the coat gradually becomes tinged with grey and tan. Steel blue is another alternative color. There is also the golden mane, and the tan fur that becomes lighter at the tip. Their peek a boo hairdo is also golden in hue, with dark ears and muzzles.

There are many upsides with owning a Yorkie. First off, they are certifiably loyal and affectionate. Let us just state the obvious and tag some addendum, that is if theyre raised right. Also, they make rather great watchdogs. It is literally ingrained in their DNA, what with generations of them having been raised as rodent catchers. All in all, they make such good family pets, since theyre amenable around older children.

For instance, it may be intuitive to just about anyone that the Yorkies long smooth coat requires daily brushing. If that is too much of an ordeal for you, then you can always trim it. That would give it a neater appearance, considering, and also grant ease of movement to the poor hairy mutt. When this hygiene step is neglected, knots may form in the Yorkshires beautiful hair.

They are lively and alert. That may be a plus, or a drawback, depending on the nitty gritty of the owner. That entails how they need to be kept busy and occupied, or else risk symptoms of restlessness, like hieroglyphics on your walls and sofa. They also like to be constantly on the go, which means that they can be such careless wanderers, to the point where you always need to keep an eye out for them.

Plus, Yorkshires are pretty much well suited for novice owners. Despite all the ramblings above and below, they do not really come with a lot of serious caveats. They are not as high maintenance as large dogs, and they have a good general health, that which will be a comfort for owners who are still getting the hang of dog parenting.

Yorkies are by nature smart and fast learners. That is compounded by their dog parents raining of treats and praises, of course. But that also has to do with their evolutionary nature, yet again, since they were firstly developed as hound dogs or as a working breed.

Also, they may be pretty high maintenance if you are out to live up to the signature Yorkie hairdo, with all its smoothness and silkiness. In some cases, they even have to be groomed professionally. Theyre also especially fragile, given their diminutive size and spindly legs. Therefore, theyre easily injured when accidentally trod upon, handled roughly, or dropped accidentally. Thats why they can be not so amenable for young children, who are mostly and constantly liable to get rough in play. Accordingly, the Yorkies reactions may spell detriments to both dog and child. Lastly, Yorkies can be quite difficult to housetrain. That is because they are pretty much sensitive to the elements, and they may prefer the security of your hall or porch to the drizzle outside. This is why quit a lot of effort goes to housetraining them.

Choosing and owning a dog is a multifaceted enterprise. You are essentially factoring in quite a lot of considerations, from the grooming, housebreaking, socialization, adaptability, traits, behavior, trainability, health issues, and other nitty gritty. It is only when you know the average, predictable peculiarities of a certain breed that you can go and see to it for the rest of its life.

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