Friday, February 22, 2019

Why You Should Register My Dog

By Lisa Lewis

Registering your pet comes with real benefits as the council will know you are the real owner because you provided their details. Also, you will be meeting the legal requirements that ask all dog owners to register them with the local councils. Not all pets are registered for one reason or the other, but it should be done. Below are some of the reason why you should register my dog.

The amount of money that is collected once your canine is booked is used for various reasons which help in making the animals share the environment with human beings in a good way. The charges go into providing poo bins which are used to dump waste from canines to avoid littering the environment. Hound shelters are also built courtesy of the fees that you are charged when you book them. It is the same fee that is used in employing local animal management staff.

Information that has been gathered after the registration process is used to attend to the emergency animal welfare. There are instances where canines get lost, and the knowledge on them can be used to contact the owner to come and pick them. This information also is very vital when it comes to mapping out places where different canine breeds are found.

After calamities, evacuation activities start to find the affected tykes together with their owners to take them to relief centers. When there are details of every tyke and a relief center is being prepared, getting cages, food, and vaccines for them is very easy. Also, there are cases where after an evacuation process the owner of the tyke loses them for various reasons. When they are found the easiest way to find the owner is if they were registered.

Sometimes curs are left behind by their owners for various reasons. But in most cases, the canine is left after walking out on their owners. Finding them can be hectic if you do not find information on them. But if you cannot get information about them, the local animal officials can contact the owner and reunite them.

In case of an outbreak of exotic disease and bio-security, the local council can use the details to respond to these threats. When the information is scanty, the committee might not know who to contact to prevent the spread of the disease. Also, eradication of the disease will be delayed hence causing more harm.

The filed details together with the registration fee will be used for research purposes. Carrying this study will help in improving the welfare of canines in the future. Also, these research programs help in government planning and educating the public on the importance of caring for these animals.

Reuniting a lost tyke and the owner is possible if there are details of the owner. When lost canines are found they are taken in until their owner is found. These advantages should change your mind in registering your curs if you have not.

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