Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cavachon Puppy For Sale: Strong Choice

By Angela Barnes

Dogs are pretty simple creatures. As long as they are properly taken care of, they will provide companionship for years without fail. Very loyal. There is always an ad for a cavachon puppy for sale online. One should not take the deal blindly. They should learn a few things first. Like the fact that this is a small but very happy and energetic dog. That he sheds very little and will therefore probably not trigger allergies. Their general temperament makes them wonderful pets for kids.

They are very small and adorable. People like to feed them treats and all sorts of things. Therefore, they might be heavier than the standard. The standard is 13 inches at 20 lbs. They have strong limbs and broad backs. When buying check the nose. A short nose might be indicative of a future with respiratory issues. Therefore proceed with caution if the muzzle is a little shorter than desired.

This breed is quite easy to train. See, he is much attuned to the owner. It is very motivated to please the master. Another reason that makes it easy to train is their attention span. They are able to maintain focus for a long time. This is especially true if one uses a lot of positive reinforcement. However, one may notice that house training is taking a little more time than expected. Exercise a lot of patience, it will happen with time.

Every dog requires exercise. You need to think about two things. The first is the size of the dog; very small; the second is the energy levels which are very high. This dog does not need a huge yard to exercise in. Usually merely chasing toys in the hallway may suffice. However, if the pup has been indoors for long it is advisable to take him for a walk outside. This stimulates the mind.

This pup is a member of the family. As every member of the family is enjoying a well balanced meal so should he. There might be a problem with portioning. Large portions might lead to too much weight and therefore some health problems. Grooming should also be done regularly with brushing several times a week. A monthly bath, at the very least. Nail clipping and such. Maybe even a spa day.

If a seller is trying to sell his or her pups before they reach the required age, run. Do not be told otherwise. Do not be duped. Run. Possibly even report them. A pup should not be sold before it has reached 8 weeks of age. In some instances, 12 weeks is required. A better deal would allow return within 48 hours after a check with the vet. Otherwise as long as all vaccinations have been administered all is well.

The mother of the pup determines the temperament. Of course one should have an idea of what to expect as the pup matures over time. Therefore ask to see the mother and even ask a few questions. Gain insight into the breeding practices as well as the mother.

Microchips are absolutely necessary for all pets. They are a form of identity. This chip has information on the owner of the dog and other necessary information in the event of loss. The pup should therefore be microchipped before leaving the premises or one should go straight to a vet for this after the transaction is complete.

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