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Choosing Your New Labradoodle Chicago

By Elizabeth Smith

The choice of Labradoodle requires a closer look at the breeder and careful consideration of the personalities of the puppies, you can find the appropriate pup for your home and lifestyle.The selection of a new pet is not an easy one and while the cutest pup is usually the one jumping on you the first time you see them, it could be the most difficult to handle. With the options for choosing a Labradoodle Chicago pet owners can find healthy pets to become part of the family.

Labradoodles are naturally energetic, friendly and have beautiful coats that are easy to manage and considered low shedding. These dogs are intelligent and have been selected as both family pets and as certified service dogs. With a larger size and an unusual appearance, it is important to determine whether Labradoodles are the right breed for you and whether you can provide for their needs.

The first step to selecting the right puppy is to to choose the appropriate breeder who is vested in producing healthy litters representative of the breed. An outstanding breeder will know how to identify the more dominant and active pups over the shy or reserved ones. He or she will determine healthy pups to suit your lifestyle and advise on the different characters in the litter most suitable for your needs.

The appropriate breeder will ensure that your pups are healthy and have been bred to best represent the breed standards. While Labradoodles are not poorly bred, these canines must represent specific proportions in their genetic makeup to be considered a true Labradoodle. The healthiest pups will come with a health certificate including a complete veterinary assessment and details on the health of the breeding pair.

You can select a puppy based on the appearance as Labradoodles are available in different types of coats including curly to wavy. Labradoodles do not shed often and have also been considered hypoallergenic making the breed ideal for allergy sufferers. If you are selecting a pet based on its appearance alone, it is important to understand that you could be receiving a high energy or a calm temperament.

If you prefer the outdoors and wish to have a pet partner with your loved ones for activities, it is best to choose a pet with an energetic personality. The more dominant temperaments will do well with a firm and strong leader including regular training. Depending on your requirements for Labradoodles, be sure to talk to your breeder who can assist in finding the ideal puppy for your needs.

Labradoodles are lively dogs and when picking a puppy from the litter, you must ensure they are healthy, naturally curious with well kept coats. If you receive images of a litter from the breeder, be sure to request pictures of the parents too, ensuring that all puppies and the breeding pair are of a good health. With the necessary steps, you can find breeders of Labradoodles who are reputable and vested in the breed.

In the search for the healthiest Labradoodle with the appropriate breeding standards, consider the personality you can manage. Puppies have different personalities and should be determined before joining their new home. This will minimize any complications and ensures that you find a puppy to join your home and create some incredible memories with.

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