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Features And Facilities Of A Doggy Day Care

By Sarah Foster

If your schedule is pretty much loaded and hectic, you might be at the butts end of long hours and busy schedules that do away with the time you could have spent at home. From children to dogs, or just about anyone that needs focused care and guided supervision, that can be particularly affective. Older children in particular, however, can have school and other activities to keep them busy. Not so much for dogs, though, and thats regardless of age and maturity. But you have a nifty option with a doggy day care.

The erstwhile arrangement in this regard was inviting a pet sitter to take care of the dog while you are not around. It goes without saying that this is not an ideal arrangement for everyone. Therefore, where that is not feasible, the tail waggers are left in a kennel board where they are fettered to their cage right before you can go on to rescue them.

In choosing a daycare center, your greatest consideration is probably peace of mind. After all, you would not want there to be some niggling voice at the back of your mind telling you your pooch is probably unsafe, neglected, mistreated, or generally mishandled. After all, dogs are every bit as individuals as people are, and you want to make sure that the attendant has a canine common sense to better ascertain how to treat dogs intuitively better and as theyre due.

Therefore, when choosing a daycare center, see to it that the attendants are pretty much well versed in their field. Mere enthusiasm and love for animals are all noble and fine and dandy, but that should not be your only benchmarks. See to it that they have comprehensive knowledge of animal behavior and first aid. It is recommendable for there to be a veterinarian onsite.

You might have observed so far that canine daycare is uncannily similar to childrens daycare. The level of noise and activity is just as overwhelming here as there. We guess the only difference lies in that the denizens here are furry and four legged.

In reliable centers, at least, you will have to submit a copy of your dogs identification papers at the administration. For instance, the picture, name, identification chip, breed, identifying marks, date of birth, health history, and anything that can come in handy, just in case. Also, one telltale sign of a responsible and serious establishment is their availability of insurance. These policies are their nifty hedge against potential legal action. After all, anything is possible under the sun, such that if your pet gets hurt or that it causes damage.

The number of employees might also be a consideration. We have already mentioned the importance of appropriate attendants to pet ratio. Needless to say, the scale can be balanced better with a whole platoon of employees, whether full time or part time. You might agree on the questionability of a sole employee run business. No matter how responsible and dedicated, there is a limit to ones capsule of energy. Also, there would be no one to account for his business performance.

As it is, some establishments are feature rich while others are less so. However, there should be certain features that are nonnegotiable, like the facilitys emphasis on safety. The attendants should have a thorough knowledge of pet care and first aid. Exercise should be a given, whether through play or walks, especially if you leave your dog there all the days of the week. Ideally, your tyke should be observably comfortable, such that if he is not constantly skirting away from bullying mutts. Make sure that the handler to dog ratio is amenable, and decide for yourself whether your buddy is happy and at ease in the area. You can usually tell.

Convenience might also be a premium consideration for you, especially if you are going out to set and important appointments. Most daycare businesses are open from 7 am to 7 pm on weekends. There are also many who open for the weekends, with slightly adjusted time tables. For additional convenience, some have transportation that does the pickup and drop off, although that is optional. The nub of the matter is to choose a business that is committed, service oriented, and most importantly, knows what its doing.

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