Friday, March 15, 2019

Key Features Of The Best Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In TN

By Martha Wright

It is always a difficult task whenever you are faced with the responsibility of choosing the right client in the market. This is because many sellers will claim to be genuine when in the real sense, they are only interested in making a profit from you. Thus, the following are positive indicators of suitable ragdoll kittens for sale in TN.

Ensure pets are full bred. You can do this by either inquiring from your client or asking to go through breeding records of the breeder. This is due to the presence of several animals that are not pure breeds in the market. However, crossbreeding is essential in obtaining different patterns and colors from the original pure breed.

Check the price of acquiring pets from several clients. This will enable you to decide on which breeder you are going to work with. This is achieved through inquiring, price comparison and making conclusions. You should go for a dealer who is offering you the best price among the rest. This will see that you are not overcharged.

You need to make a financial budget on how much you are going to spend throughout the process. A budget will enable you to pay within your limits. It will also prevent you from overspending. For instance, if one dealer is demanding meager prices in comparison with others, you should ask yourself why. However, this does not mean that too expensive pets will be appropriate.

Check the age of the kittens. You need to ensure that the kittens are older than the age of twelve weeks. Avoid cats that are younger than this age because a dealer who is willing to sell them at that stage is likely evading the cost of maintaining them. It is at this stage that the animal requires intensive care due to its rapid growth and learning abilities.

Confirm if the cats are healthy. To check this, you will have to physically observe the presence of parasites on the body of the animal. Ensure also that the cat is well vaccinated against any possible contagious infections. The dealer has to provide you with health records for you to identify if the animal is susceptible to chronic illness. Avoid kits that are prone to contracting diseases because this is an indication of the weak body immunity system.

Some diseases and disabilities are likely to show up in a cat even when it is older than one year. This makes it necessary to be provided with a health guarantee on how you will be compensated should the unexpected happen within the agreed period. Genuine dealers are most likely to give you a contract and an outline of the procedure of compensations.

You should abruptly visit your cattery. This will enable you to have a clear picture of the actual conditions in which the cats are bred. While at the cattery, you should observe the level of cleanliness such as segregation of cats depending on age, sex, and breed to control inbreeding and cross-breeding. There is a need also to have sufficient human contact to enable sociable characters among acts.

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