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Tips On How To Properly Raise Your Kittens

By Angela Wood

Have you ever thought of raising a pet in your household? Since you are reading this, then probably your answer is affirmative. Nonetheless, you found yourself confused about the right things to do. You wanted to have a cat but find it reluctant to have one. Perhaps you thought it would be the breed. But whatever the breed you choose, who you raise them will still matter. You got a Persian but in the end, the pet turns aggressive. If your problem is the lack of knowledge of nurturing, then learning some tips is good. You probably will look for silver tabby British Shorthair kittens for sale and let them be a part of your household.

After watching some cat documentaries and funny videos, you finally decided to buy and raise one. You learned how they could be very good in communicating and expressing their feelings. At most times, they might be subtle but nevertheless, they have their own ways on showering their affection to their owners. And you certainly want to experience their love to you.

Cats are lovable as dogs. Once they became close to you, they began rubbing their cheeks at your body to show their affection and even throw you some soft blinking eyes which you call cat kisses. Since you wanted to nurture them as kittens first, these tips will definitely guide you.

Kittens must stay with their mothers for 8 weeks before sending them to adoption. So before you get them, let them stay with their parent first. Those eight weeks are crucial for them because their cat parent will help in keeping them healthy. How will they do that?

As you see, the mother cat nurse her babies. And her nursing can protect the little kittens from potential diseases. Furthermore, it is also better to let your preferred kitten to learn socialization with his fellow felines and adjust the environment. When third month comes, that is the right time for you to provide him nutrition.

Its foods must be those that are approved from veterinarians and a kitten wet food. The extra nutrients from those foods will help kittens to develop into a healthy cat. Furthermore, many experts would recommend to feed them at the age of one. In addition, never forget to give them fresh water as well.

Provide them some fresh water to always. Aside from that, guide and help the kitten to socialize with others. Make him know the environment and let him gain experience to shape his behaviour into a better one. This could help to diminish the aggression that would occur later on.

More importantly, handle your pet regularly. Help your kitten to adjust and get used with being groomed, picked up and patted. He might be edgy but first but with gentle regular practice, he will get comfortable. Furthermore, give them exposure to their new surroundings so they will be familiarized and will not be frightened by it.

Finally, provide them some place where no animals will interrupt. Cats loved some safe place so they could be all alone whenever they feel stressed and overwhelmed. Stock that place with what they need as well like food, water, bed and toys.

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