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Why Every Dog Owner Needs To Enroll Their Dogs In Growling Puppy Classes Seattle

By Gregory Walker

A growl is something that every dog owner should appreciate and respect because it is the valuable means that dogs use in communication. You are not supposed to punish or scold the animal for snarling at you. This will take away the ability of the dog to warn you. If the dog is not trained to give a warning snarl, it will end up biting people without any warning. The key to getting a dog to stop this behavior is to enroll it in the growling puppy classes Seattle. As a dog owner, there are important training tips that you need to use when your dog has this problem. Here are some of them.

As a dog owner, you should not get into the habit of pushing your dog beyond the level it can tolerate. Even if the dog has developed the habit of snarling, you need to understand that this is a warning sign that the animal is not comfortable. The best strategy is for you to be patient with the animal. You need to wait until the dog is in a relaxed position before you can leave. By doing this, you will be rewarding the relaxed behavior.

You should make an effort to understand the reasons why the dog is snarling. Check if the dogs behaviour is because of you touching or grooming him. Assess whether this behaviour comes about because of restraining or because something has been taken away from him. Find out if the dog growls when you make him do something. If the growl is very sudden, you should look around the environment to see if anything has changed.

Explore ways of getting your dog to behave without having to growl unnecessarily. Instead of pushing the dog, you should make an effort to lure him. You should avoid doing those things that elicited the growl in the first place until you can convince the dog that this activity is a good thing.

You should consider evaluating the dogs environment to identify for any stressors triggering this behavior. It is vital that these stressors should be reduced or completely removed from the environment. Some of the possible stressors in the environment include heavy equipment, strange animals or people, vacuum cleaners, and so on. If these stressors are removed from the environment, there is a possibility that your dog will not growl unnecessarily.

You should institute a program for the modification of the behaviour of your animal. This is aimed at making the dog to develop a different opinion regarding the stressors in the environment. Most of the dog owners employ strategies such as negative reinforces and desensitizing measures. If these strategies yield no results, then it is time to contact a professional to help you.

If the above strategies fail to work, you should take the dog to a kindergarten. You should especially consider this option if the dog behaves this way when it meets new dogs or people. In this case, the dog is either insecure or anxious, and it needs to learn those skills that will ensure that he enjoys the company of strange humans or dogs.

The above strategies will ensure that you work with your dog to slow condition it to accept the stressors in the environment. The dog will no longer feel the need to growl in the presence of such triggers.

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