Saturday, July 25, 2015

Solutions For The Dog Cone Collar

By Elaine Guthrie

The plastic cone that is placed around the neck of a pet is used when surgery has been performed on the hind legs or lower body that can be reached with biting or scratching. The purpose of these items is to protect against causing damage to the area that would extend recovery periods. While the dog cone collar may be necessary, there are alternatives that can be sought for the well-being of all animals.

An Elizabethan collar includes the traditional cone style with a large and hard plastic outer shell that aims to restrict the overall movement of the dog when turning to reach a wound. It includes a plastic that is hard to move and can lead to heightened levels of anxiety in pets. It is important that one consider the comfort needs of all dogs when choosing a range that will aid in producing the healthiest possible results.

An inflatable collar includes a soft consistency that is more comfortable for the dog to wear and is available in a variety of sizes. These options do not include the oversized plastic shell and offer a smaller fit that will minimize the anxiety that is placed on pets and make it more acceptable for animals. Many of these designs have to be blown up adding to the comfort that it can deliver.

There are collars that are made of a soft and flexible fabric and can be secured around the neck of the canine. These accessories are flexible enough to prevent against scratches along the walls and floors, but will aid in protecting the dog against reaching the areas that are affected by licking and biting. It is important to determine the correct size of apparatus that will best complement these canines.

Alternatives cones include the round shape with a soft padded material that is wrapped around the head of the dog. These items are comfortable and assist in minimizing the ability for the canine to reach the lower half of the body where surgery or injury has occurred. It can be removed when feeding animals to ensure that it does not dip into the food or prevent the dog from access to its meal.

The broad flat collars that are selected can easily fit around the neck of pets and will limit the ability to move in a regular and healthy manner. These devices do not include the traditional hard plastic, but a broad design that will restrict the ability to reach the affected areas of the body. The correct styles and sizes must be determined to ensure that all canines are provided healthy solutions.

Before making a purchase, it is important to determine the correct neck size of dogs. Depending on where the injury is located, you must purchase contraptions that will best protect the animal from reaching the damaged sections. Introduce the contraptions to animals with positive reinforcement for the healthiest and balanced results.

The traditional cone remains a popular choice for canines to prevent injuries from damage. The material should prove comfortable and flexible to minimize licking, biting and scratching at the affected sites. All dogs must receive the appropriate support to achieve the safest possible results.

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