Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Other Alternatives To Elizabethan Collar

By Elaine Guthrie

You can never tell what accidents you will ever encounter. This is the same for your pets. They might get severe skin diseases or get into an incident that would need surgery. These types of things are situations that you cannot foresee. The only way you can help them is to be alert and prepared for what it is about to happen in the future.

For the wounds to not be affected, they have to be protected. Placing bandages are not really that effective because they can just scratch it off. According to experts, the most effective protection for it would be Elizabethan collars. Because they are uncomfortable with their wounds, they will surely scratch it or bite it to relieve the pain or itchiness. And this can be a big problem because it would open up the wound further. Aside from Elizabethan collars, there are alternatives to Elizabethan collar that you can utilize as well.

E collars are shaped as different cones. They are placed around the necks so that their entire head is covered. They would prevent biting their wounds this way. And because of this, it is considered very effective in letting the wounds heal a lot faster. However, it is not really effective in other situations. The good thing is that there are other options for you to use.

These cones are made out of plastic so that it would not be too heavy for your pets when they need to move to other places. But because it is just plastic, it is easier to break. Every time they try to ram it into things, they can break it easily and you have to spend for another one. The most effective way for you to help them and protect them at the same time is to use an alternative.

There are BiteNot collars that usually look like neck braces that are utilized to support the neck. But this is very effective to make it easier for you to prevent them reaching the wounds. This is usually better for dogs with bigger sizes since the collar cannot contain them because of their strength.

If the braces become stiff, it would be bad if you keep them on all the time. You can give them a break by using blow up pillows. These usually look like the ones that people use for their necks when they are traveling. This will make it more comfortable for them and they can still be protected with it as well.

Other individuals save more of their expenses by utilizing old shirts and socks as protection. Although this is not suited for fresh wounds, it will be perfect when they are almost healed. This is the time when wounds are really itchy. And to protect it, you can fasten the shirt and the socks around. It is effective and very cost expensive.

Other situations that require you to make use of alternatives is when they are already breaking things. They do this because they feel uncomfortable and they want to get rid it. If they are starting to break things already, you need to go for the alternatives that would not cause any damage to the entire place.

Most of the time, they would resort to breaking things because of the needs to break free from the collars. If they see that it is not working at all, they would divert their attention to you and your knees. Every time you are on site, you can expect them to ram the collar to you.

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