Monday, August 31, 2015

Choosing The Right Facility For Dog Boarding Davie

By Daphne Bowen

During the holidays, many people search out for facilities to take care of the dogs while they are away. Also, visits to friends or family require one to decide on whom to leave their dogs with. In cases where the pet is a very important member of the family, to leave him or her with someone else may make you have mixed feeling. Below are tips on how to choose a center for dog boarding Davie.

You have to take a tour at the facility you are considering to take your pet to beforehand. Enquire from the staff the boarding details and ask questions. This will make you be comfortable with both the people and the facility. If the tour guide rushes you, this is a sign that the staff will not give your pet adequate attention. You should take the dog for a couple of daycare visits before you leave him or her there. This enables you to assess the quality of services by looking at the response of your pet.

It is important to get to know about the daily routine at the facility for the pets. They have to be provided with a number of opportunities for them to utilize the excessive energy. Overnight care is also another matter of importance. The center should be having amenities to help the dog cope with the stress that comes with environment changes. There should be several programs to enable the pets to interact with each other and get stimulated.

There should be a clear outline of the methods used to disinfect and clean the facility. This ensures that the pet remains happy and healthy. It is important that the staff supervise the dogs during play. If they are not watched, some may get injured in the process. You have to know how the employees have been trained to qualify for supervision of the dogs.

There should be someone keeping a watch on the dogs all through the day and night. There is no any passable excuse for leaving them unattended. Emergence do not give advance notice before they occur. The employees should have a lot of knowledge on animal care and dog behavior. This means they can appropriately handle any emergency situation that may occur.

Just like people have different personalities, so are the dogs. Some are social creatures while others are not. For the former group, they will experience less stress in the boarding facilities if they are constantly in contact with people or other dogs. For the latter, they are better off in the company of a few dogs or human beings.

If the pet has any illness, you should vet the staff to assess how responsible they are in handling sick dogs. They should have undergone training on medication administration in dogs. They should also be familiar with the medical condition the particular pet has. This assures you that any emergency will be appropriately handled.

The facility should have contracted are veterinary doctor who can be called upon to intervene in times of emergencies. It could be so stressful to know that you are leaving your sick pet in the hands of someone who cannot help him or her should anything occur.

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