Monday, August 31, 2015

For Best F1 Bengal Kittens For Sale FL Is The Way To Go

By Daphne Bowen

Bengal kittens are produced as a result of breeding the Asian Leopard Cat to a Bengal. The young ones of this breeding are called F1s. Many people get afraid when they hear the name leopard, but the truth is that Asian leopard cat is very small and only weighs between 13 to 15 pounds. The meaning here is that they f1 bengal kitten produced is safe to raise in a home. As such, when in need of f1 bengal kittens for sale FL is the place to check out.

Asian leopard cat is known for being timid and afraid of humans. However, kittens that result when mated with Bengals are very lovely and prefer human company a lot. With proper socialization and care, they make great pets. They can live with children and other pets well. However, one must know that the strength of the traits differ the distance a generation has from the original parents.

Before settling down on a Bengal cat, one should ask themselves what they want it for. Some of the commonest reasons why people want these animals include for family pets, show cats, companion in the house, and for breeding purposes. It is usually highly advisable to consider off springs which are at least four generations from the original cross. That means that the cat acquired should be from the fourth (F4) generation and beyond. The earlier generations like f1, f2, and f3 should be avoided.

The next process is getting in touch with a breed club. This cat breed costs a lot because of its rarity and a lot of attention it is given by the media. The high costs have led to the entry of non-professional breeders into the industry. The intention of such non-professionals is to make money rather to advance the breed. Some have been known to distort costs and quality.

The purpose of breed clubs is to regulate and curb fake breeders. A breeder who has membership with one or more breed clubs is legitimate. Legitimate breeders provide their animals with vaccination, insurance, and good care. They also question buyers about their intentions and lifestyles so that cats do not end up in the wrong hands.

One is advised to make a visit to the premises of the breeder to have a look at how things are run there. It is best to visit more than a couple of breeders before settling for any specific one. During such visit, one gets a chance to understand how young and adult Bengals look like. One gets to see all the possible variations that can exist so that they do not make mistakes when buying.

One should pay attention to the way the animals are fed, cared for, housed, and socialized because the same routine will need to continue after buying. Some breeders will normally advise on what to do after buying. Health issues should be sorted out by asking for all relevant health certificates.

Finally, one must never forget to consider the cost of the kitten. Although the breed can cost a lot, the cost has its limits. Comparing prices offered by various breeders is the best way of knowing when the price is right and when it is not.

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