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Some Information Before You Buy From Ragdoll Breeders TICA

By Richard Morgan

At this very moment you most likely want to have a cat for a pet. As such some of your friends who are ragdoll owners have encouraged you to look at some ragdoll breeders TICA websites to look for potential sellers. However, before you make a final decision to buy this cat, do read on in this article for more information regarding this breed.

In sum the cat is able to become limp and boneless once it is picked up or handled by anyone. Thus the name ragdoll was given to it. It can come in various colors that are within the range of blue and red hues. The cat will always have blue eyes and no other color. When reaching maturity, males will weigh in at around twenty pounds while females will be at around fifteen pounds.

Anyone looking for a great and loving pet cannot go wrong with choosing the ragdoll as a pet. However, its very friendly and loving nature is also its bane, as this means anyone can also just come by, be friendly with it, and steal it away. Therefore to forego it from being catnapped, it should be kept indoors always. Keeping it indoors also keeps it safe from other animals, which can hurt it in a fight. It goes without saying this breed cannot fight even if its life depended on it.

Also of note is that this cat loves to be near and around water. This makes it easy to give it baths and washings. However, do make sure you do brush its fur regularly as it will tangle and get matted if not paid attention and care. During spring, more fur will be shed as it gets rid of its winter coat.

The regular brushings do more than increase the bonding between cat and master, it also does one very important function. Regular brushings assist in the even distribution of epidermal oils that keep the fur shiny and strong.

This feline is very much like a canine in some respects, especially the way that it follows its master around wherever he or she may go. Likewise it loves to paw things rather than clawing them thus making them safer to be around kids when compared to other cats. Due to this characteristic there is no need to declaw them.

An average of fifteen to twenty years is the lifespan for this feline. This can of course be extended a bit more if careful nutritional guidelines are followed and if proper health care and maintenance is also given. Keeping it indoors will also decrease the likelihood of it getting infected by viruses outside.

It takes a lot of commitment and responsibility in taking on any pet. Hopefully this article has given some insights into this breed as a possible candidate for being a companion or pet. Always look for information on any potential pet you may want so that you can have an informed choice. When doing research leave no stone unturned and try to look for as much information as you are able to.

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