Sunday, January 8, 2017

What You Should Know Before Buying American Bulldogs For Sale

By Jessica West

Quite a few people you know probably own pets as of now while you are reading this article. Seeing as to how happy these people are it has given you an inkling that perhaps you can be happy with a pet as well. Recently you have seen an American bulldogs for sale sign and you are now thinking of getting this breed as your starter pet. But before you do take this leap, finish reading this article first so that you can have an informed decision later on.

Physically this dog is much larger than the English bulldog and of course longer legs. It is much stockier, stronger looking and has a large head. This breed came about as it was developed by migrants who came over to help in farm work in the United States, usually to assist in helping get rid of feral pigs and other pests.

In spite of the various genetic variations, there are generally two kinds of American bulldog. The more common one is called the Bully type wherein it has a shorter muzzle but also is much larger and heavier. The other type is called the Performance or Standard, a generally more athletic one that has a larger muzzle and a much more square head. A third bulldog variation is made by crossing the first two types to get a hybrid.

This dog can be deemed as being very good around children for a working dog, as long as it has been socialized early on. While it is younger though it will remain somewhat aloof but as it gets older it becomes friendlier and more approachable. Due to their highly emotional personalities, this breed does require quite a high level of attention.

This dog is not really fit for indoor living unlike its French and British counterparts. As it was formally bred for farm work it will require its share of daily walks plus plenty of space for it to move around in. One may find it hard to make it adjust to small space living. So if you live in the city it may be better for you to get another breed more suited to small space living.

If you have a mind to get the bully type, then be prepared for plenty of slobber. Both types, having short coats that are generally smooth are very easy to groom.. You also will not have very much problems with fur being left all over the place as they are very moderate shedders.

The dog will also have it share of medical complications and problems. Most complications that this breed will encounter will be bone cancer, hip dysplacia, and cherry eye. It will also be prone to its share of allergies so you will definitely need some health regimen or plan given by your veterinarian. On average they live anywhere from ten to fifteen years.

Covered in this article are some needed items that you should mull over prior to getting this dog breed. Definitely there are other items for you to consider as this list is by no means exhaustive, but suffice it to say that this is useful base information for you to consider on your road to a final and informed decision.

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