Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What To Know Before Visiting Beagle Breeders In California

By Rebecca Sanders

Nothing beats having a pet and many people have either chosen a cat or a dog for the sole purpose of companionship. You may have decided on getting a dog and some of your friends have suggested that you visit the nearest beagle breeders in California for a possible puppy purchase. However, before you do decide on the beagle do read on in this article for more information.

In the years before the 1700s, the beagle was a popular hunting hound, and it is still classified as such in dog registers. The foxhound as a hunting hound later on replaced it, since the foxhound was a much faster runner. However, contemporary hunters still retain the beagle as a hunting partner especially when hunting small prey like rabbits. But of course a majority nowadays are used as pets.

Due to the fact that it used to be a hunting hound, it has quite a reserve of energy, It will not do to keep it cooped up in small spaces for extended periods of time. It should have at least an hour of walking per day and be prepared for it to chase anything that catches its fancy. Despite its small size it does bark a lot, which can be annoying for your neighbors. Thus it is really not a breed designed to live in places where you may have plenty of neighbors.

Beagles are very intelligent and they need to be occupied all the time. Once it does get bored however it will start digging and chewing on things. Should they be left alone by themselves they can be quite destructive. They should be given a lot of attention and mental stimulation as well.

Even though it is an intelligent dog, it is a stubborn one. This stubborn character makes it one of the more difficult dogs to train as it seems to be always weighing the outcome between commands. It is definitely not a dog for first time owners. This same stubborn character can make this a breed that is hard to housebreak as well.

Depending on how much exercise you give it and how you feed it this dog can reach anything between eighteen to thirty pounds when it reaches maturity. It also has an average lifespan of around ten to fifteen years and will stand a little over one foot at the shoulder when fully grown.

The most powerful skill of this dog is that it has a great sniffing ability. It is popularly known as a nose on legs, and many law enforcement agencies use this breed for bomb sniffing and drug sniffing operations. Should you own this dog, you will notice that it loves to sniff around looking for something interesting.

These dogs are also very friendly to everyone they meet, thus making them very lousy guard dogs. Due to their overt friendliness to everyone they are easy prey to thieves. Thus they should not be left outside of the home and be kept under lock and key so that they are not dog napped so to speak.

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