Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Before You Buy From A North Carolina Ragdoll Kittens Seller

By Sandra Kelly

There is probably a very good chance that you are currently searching for a new companion in the form of a pet right now. You may have settled your choice on a cat and your friends may have suggested that you try a ragdoll. So before you go out and visit the nearest North Carolina ragdoll kittens sellers, do read on in this article to find out more about this breed.

The cat has the unique skill of going limp and boneless when it is picked up and handled by anyone. Thus the name ragdoll was given to it just like its namesake the doll itself. The breed comes in all reddish and bluish hues of the color spectrum in terms of its fur. Also it will always have blue eyes and no other eye color. Once they reach their full maturity, males can achieve a weight of twenty pounds while females can reach fifteen.

Great loving companions can best describe what these cats are, and will make good pets for those people looking for this characteristic. Their being very friendly however is also their downfall, for because of this they can be very friendly with anyone and thus are susceptible to being stolen. They must be kept inside at all times to keep them away from potential thieves and such and also to keep them away from other animals such as strays. This is because they are not much good in a fight.

The ragdoll is one of those cat breeds that love water and this can be a boon to you. It will not put up much of a fuss when it is given baths or washings. It does require a twice weekly hair brushing to prevent tangling and matting of its fur which it is prone to. Springtime will see it shed much more fur as it gets rid of its winter coat.

The regular brushing ritual will not only get rid of matting but it will help in overall maintenance of its coat. The brushing assists in the even distribution of essential oils secreted by its skin that make its fur keep its sheen and integrity. The ritual of bi weekly brushings will also increase the bonding between master and pet.

Very much like a dog, this cat love to follow its master around wherever its master goes. It is not an aloof cat and will love to socialize. It also loves to paw things rather than claw them, thus making them additionally safe to be around children. Due to this characteristic there really is no need to declaw them at the vet.

About fifteen to twenty years is the average lifespan for this breed. This lifespan can of course be extended with the assistance of your vet in terms of proper health maintenance and nutrition requirements. Always protect your ragdoll from infections and diseases by keeping it inside most of the time.

In total the article has looked at some key points that are crucial in assisting you make a decision on the ragdoll. Regardless of what pet that you choose, do make the effort of getting as much information as you can for it takes a lot of commitment and responsibility when taking on a new pet.

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