Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why Anatolian Shepherd Puppies For Sale The Best Home Guards

By Melissa Wright

This type of dogs was firstly reared in Turkey and was used as the travel companion of shepherds so that the flock could be protected. The breeders could ensure that the dog color resembled that of the flock so that the predators would not differentiate it out, and therefore guard the flock well. Anatolian shepherd puppies for sale are loyal and fierce defenders to the assets of the owner. This dog has so much confidence and is rugged in guarding since it understands the importance of protection against the enemy.

The best thing about this breed is that it can work independently making decisions on when to or not to attack the enemy. Whether he is supposed to guard the flock or people, he ensures that they are adequately protected because he is very possessive. When it comes to those he considers as a family, he is very calm and friendly.

The breed makes an excellent home protector because it is not easy to allow strangers in the compound without the authority of the owner, when left at home the dog can make an excellent guard, making sure no one comes in. They are a very protective breed, and they consider themselves constantly on duty. It is important to keep the dog in a bright yard but not in a kennel or tied to a rope.

Training this kind of animal is not difficult though he can be very choosy. The dog can choose when or not to take new commands because of his independent traits. You need to be very dependable when training the dog because he is not likely to take new instructions kindly. When it comes to children, he is more protective than obedient.

Training is very vital to these canines. This is because they have a protective character and if they are not trained on what can be a threat and what is normal they can prove to be more aggressive, uncontrollable and also overprotective. Ensure that the training of these canines starts in their early stages so that they can grow with the skills.

There is a great effect to this particular breed of socialization and training. Just like the other breeds of dogs, they should be exposed to varied experiences, sounds, people, and sights. If they are well exposed when at a tender age, they will be all rounded and easy to cope with. If you wish to have these canines, enroll them for kindergarten classes as puppies.

It is vital that you purchase the puppy from reliable breeders who will be more than willing to provide a health clearance for the parents of your puppy. The approval will give proof that the dog underwent testing for many dog conditions and was declared healthy.

The Anatolian Shepherd is naturally a clean dog. It has a short coat, which does not require a lot of brushing though it may shed occasionally. Cleaning the dog at the time of shedding ensures that the dead hair is cleaned out. You may need to bath it not more than four times a year. You should train the puppy to get accustomed to grooming otherwise once grown the dog may not be cooperative.

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