Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How To Choose The Best French Bulldog Breeders

By Janet Butler

The number of hereditary disease currently outnumber the number of breeds. This means that there is a high chance you will buy a dog with a hereditary condition unless you are very thorough in your selection. This is the threat posed by puppy mills. However, you can avoid contributing to the problem by using the tips below to find the best French bulldog breeders in town.

You will spend a lot of time checking out different facilities so that you can end up with the best. While it is not an easy process, you will be the happiest dog owner when it is all done. You will go home with a healthy pup that has all the right papers and vaccinations, ensuring that diseases will not be a problem. Nevertheless, remember that no future is cast in stone.

You should start your search by asking family member, friends or anyone you know that owns a dog. If they have worked with a good breeder in the past, they should be glad to share the information. Talking to people who have first-hand experience will save you a lot of time you would waste making phone calls.

However, remember that you need to crosscheck everything to ensure that the breeder is reputable, knowledgeable, responsible, ethical, and legitimate. This you can do by checking the AKC listings as a reputable breeder should be registered with both the local and national clubs. You can also check other bodies such as the CKC or UKC.

Choose local breeders. There are several advantages of buying from locally based breeding facilities, including proximity to your location. This means that you can visit the facility personally and talk to the management about your needs. You can also see the pup you are buying before making payments unlike when you order online.

Concentrate on those who breed the French bulldog. Well, they may have a few other breeders, but totally avoid those who keep as many breeds as they can access. This shows lack of specialization. Specialists understand the nature and requirements of the dogs they keep and thus provide them with the best care.

Choose an experienced breeder. Dogs are very different when it comes to housing and feeding habits. Most people think that all dogs just a warm house and dog food and that is it. There are other issues such as grooming, which depends on fur type. A good breeder should know these qualities.

Try to check out a few puppies when you visit the facility. Check if they are healthy and playful as this is a characteristic of well-kept pups. The facility should also be very clean with no foul smell despite being a breeding house.

The breeder should have the genetic history of every dog. This should help them know its parental lineage, if they have any genetic problems or any other health conditions. If possible, see both the parents to confirm their breeds because some crossbreeds look so similar to purebreds. However, you should expect to hear that the father is not physically available as some facilities use dogs from other breeders.

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