Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Some Tips To Consider Before Buying A Frenchie Dog

By Brian Hall

A great joy and challenge to have in your life can be had if you do take on a pet. Having a pet has made difference in many lives, and you may have noticed this also in your friends while you are in Ohio. As such this may have sparked an interest for you to buy a Frenchie dog to keep you company. So before responding to that puppy for sale sign, then do read on to find out more about this breed before you commit.

The French bulldog breed is what is referred to when talking about the frenchie. It is a dog breed that can trace its roots all the way down to the Greek era as a fighting dog in the blood sport of bull baiting, thus its name. Widely dispersed throughout Europe by Phoenician traders during the popularity of the sport, it later was turned into a pet when the sport was outlawed. Today in the USA, according to the American Kennel Club, it is the 6th most popular in terms of dog breeds.

It can be said that the breed is adaptable, playful and smart. It does demand a lot of attention, in fact all of your attention if it is able to. Sometimes when it feels you are remiss in providing the required attention, it will let out a fairly eerie yodeling and ululating sound, which many call as the French death yodel.

Energy wise many will rate this dog as having a medium level of energy. It is also however capable of sitting around the whole day, even in quite small spaces. It is a good pet to have if you live in a small apartment or even a condominium, but you should at least give it a daily walk of at least thirty minutes to let it go of pent up energy.

It is not as big as its English counterpart, the English bulldog. It possesses more erect ears, a more compact body with a wider girth, and smaller legs. It does not also have the same alpha male tendencies as the English breed, and this in turn means that it is quite safe to keep it with other small animals and most especially children.

It will have a unique health complication of not being able to control or regulate its internal core body temperature. This is because it has a snub nose and compact airway which contributes to this situation. It will die in extreme temperature conditions due to this such as tropical or subarctic climates, and is best taken cared of in places with temperate climates. Thus make sure you at least live in a temperate region before making this dog as your future companion and pet.

Eight to ten years is the average lifespan one can expect for this breed if you plan to own one. With the proper diet, health maintenance and regime one can still expect to extend this a bit so it may be a good idea to talk with the vet for some tips on this.

These are thus some concerns and information that you should take in to consideration before taking on this particular breed. Remember however that taking on a new pet as a companion will entail a lot of commitment and responsibility so do get as much information on it as you can.

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