Sunday, April 30, 2017

Used Beekeeping Equipment Indiana - What To Watch Out For

By Daniel Lee

The price of some new beekeeping equipment can be a bit expensive for some people wanting to start beekeeping. One alternative to this problem is to buy used ones. While used equipment can save you money it's not always the best way to go. It could also potentially be contaminated with pests and diseases. The best used Beekeeping equipment Indiana for a beginner to purchase is anything that can be easily cleaned and sterilized to prevent any contamination problems.

Let us start with the most important part of beekeeping. Honey bees can be bought locally or online, or you can use techniques to draw honey bees that are already in the area to you. Some people have been known to bond more with the bees they have attracted themselves and it is said that the honey yields are higher than with bees that have been shipped and perhaps traumatized. Attracting the bees may not be possible in your area though, and in such cases you may need to purchase bees online.

Every bee needs a home, which is called a hive. Hives are boxes or containers that house special frames which the bees attach their honeycombs too. The main components to a hive include a box housing, frames, foundation, cover lid, and entrance reducer. As your colony of bees grows you can add supers to the top of the hive. These expand the hive and allow for honey extraction.

Before attempting to handle bees you must have a protective beekeepers hat and veil or helmet. This allows for maximum visibility and protection against bee stings to the face, head, and neck area. You can purchase these separately or as part of a beekeepers suit. This is the most important piece of beekeeping equipment.

After you get back from the store, jump online and do some price comparisons as well. Make sure you factor in shipping costs before you purchase tools online. There is also a danger in purchasing used tools on the Internet because you can't inspect the tools prior to purchase.

There is a long list of items which have manuals and 'how to use' documents attached with them before one can begin to use them. This is particularly the case with new tools. However, with used bee rearing tools, one can be sure that there is no long procedure of having to go through the 'terms and conditions' or having to read through the manuals. The assumption here is that by the time you purchase this used bee rearing tools; you are already well equipped with the necessary information about how to use the tools so you really do not need any more information.

One cost saving alternative to buying a used hive is to build one yourself. Building a hive does require some woodworking skill so it's not for everyone but it can save you a significant amount.

Finally, you should have some good information to guide you through the bee rearing process and methods. There are many excellent bee rearing courses and books to help you on your way to harvesting that yellow gold we call honey.

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