Saturday, April 29, 2017

What You Need To Know About Buying Ragdoll Kittens TICA Registered

By Scott Taylor

Ragdolls are beautiful looking felines possessing distinct markings including a dark brown face and legs with a lighter beige or white body. The long hair on the coat signifies its breeding origins, selected to protect these cats from cold plummeting temperatures. If you are deciding on buying such a pet ensure that the Ragdoll kittens TICA registered and vaccinated are obtained from the right breeder.

The Ragdolls have been described as exotic cats because of their distinctive blue eyes and exceptionally plush coat. These cats are healthy when well looked after and sought from a strong genetic line, but must be provided the correct food and care. The cost of these cats is owed to the registration process and pedigree obtained from certified breeders in the industry.

For a TICA registered breeder, all Ragdolls must possess adequate health and be bred with the highest breeding standards. Sellers who are licensed and certified offer a reputable service ensuring that the needs of animals come first and apply specific genetic selective technique to produce the strongest litters. Breeders who focus on the provision of Ragdolls and have not been TICA registered should be avoided.

Ragdolls are gentle in nature and have become a popular and much loved cat because of their unique personalities. The flopping actions when holding these felines and its soft temperament have contributed to its name as being a Ragdoll. These cats are great with kids, but should be monitored when young because children could play far too rough with the tiny feline pets.

Ragdolls need to be around their owners for most of the day and may suffer from severe anxiety and stress if not provided the proper supervision. Pet sitters are available to provide the care and attention these cats need when families are away or owners are unable to spend the day with the cat. These supportive services can help minimize many problems that pets encounter when left alone.

Kittens are encouraged to socialize with other pets and develop strong personalities during healthy play exercises. The kittens can participate in these actions within safe boundaries and trained to behave in and around the home. Assessing the behavioral needs of cats and ensuring that the best health measures are sought can produce the best results for people and pets.

Registered breeders with The International Cat Association sell all Ragdolls with a certificate of heritage and health. These assessments provide proof that the cat you are buying is pedigreed and has received the appropriate veterinary checks. You are provided peace of mind that the healthiest pets are sought and best represent the breed when purchasing from an authentic seller who is interested in maintaining a healthy line of pets.

When you have made the decision to bring beautifully bred Ragdoll kittens into your home, look for a registered TICA breeder. An authorized seller will invest in the well-being of pets and while a costly process ensures that pedigrees are upheld and buyer needs considered. The popularity as a pet of these cats requires that new owners investigate the seller before making a buying choice.

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