Tuesday, June 13, 2017

About Amazingly Beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

By Debra Gibson

All dogs are amazing, but some have so many qualities that are absolutely perfect. Take, for example, Golden Retrievers. They are so lovely, so intelligent, so well-mannered that this really is unbelievable. For decades now, this breed is among the most popular breeds on the world, and for a very good reason. Just imagine English cream Golden Retriever puppies, soft and adorable, and you will positively fall in love.

This amazing breed was created a long time ago, combining different positive characteristics of numerous existing breeds, with phenomenal success. Golden retriever rightfully deserves its place as the most popular breed of all. White, creamy or dark gold, their soft, warm, long double coats look great, and their gentle nature warms hearts. They make great friends, perfect family pets and funny playmates.

Thanks to their extraordinary intelligence, golden retrievers are easily trained to perform various tasks. This dog makes a perfect guide for the blind, but being surrounded by people makes him really satisfied. That's why these dogs really are perfect family dogs. They love children and are especially careful with them, they genuinely love people as well as other animals, they have gentle souls.

Their numerous qualities make these dogs incomparably appreciated. They can be trained to detect narcotics, or to guide a blind person, or to retrieve different objects, or whatever. They do have amazing talents, great personality and large, warm hearts. In one word, perfect dogs. Great in anything, just name it. They adore learning and pleasing their owners, swimming and running, or simply staying somewhere near, enjoying your presence.

Golden retrievers live up to twelve years. Females will grow up to 22, and males up to 24 inches, and their weight should be between 60 and 80 pounds for males, and 55 and 70 pounds for females. This may vary, but you should keep in mind they could easily gain weight, and you have to be careful with their food. Two smaller meals are always much better than one larger meal a day.

This breed may be prone to some health issues, for example some heart problems, or problems with their hips, skin or eyes. Regular checks and good vet will keep things under control. Physical, as well as mental exercise are especially important for any dog. Daily walks are really important, they keep your dog healthy and this way you will avoid different behavior issues. Retrieving balls or toys is something you will both enjoy in.

These dogs shed, and their thick double coats need regular combing and brushing. Maybe twice a year, they change their undercoats, and in these periods brushing is even more important. When you have to clean them, use some gentle dry shampoo, and bath only if needed. They love to swim, and after such activity it is advisable to simply rinse them with clean water, without using different shampoos.

Dog needs love, leadership and exercise to remain healthy, obedient and happy. Dog's owner has to become a pack leader, this is simply something dogs expect. You have to be gentle and loving leader, but leader nevertheless. This unconditional love and superb loyalty and friendship your dog will be giving you over and over, this cannot be compared with anything.

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