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Aquarium Care Ohio: Saltwater Tank Maintenance And Care

By Brenda Graham

If you are planning on starting your own saltwater aquarium, you should consider a few things before getting started. Mainly, freshwater and saltwater tanks are quite different. Aside from the obvious distinction of the type of fish, and plants that you can put in your saltwater aquarium are the care and maintenance required for the proper function of the tank. This article discusses some of the key factors you should consider when it comes to a saltwater aquarium care Ohio.

Many new aquarium keepers are scared off by saltwater tanks for fear that they are difficult to maintain. The truth is caring for saltwater tank setups is not rocket science or does not involve any complicated methods. It does, however, involve consistency and dedication to keeping your marine fish tank in top shape. Here are some common dangers and how to avoid them.

After deciding that you want a saltwater tank you will have to wait upwards of thirty days before you can begin populating your fish tank with any inhabitants. Marine tanks require certain chemical levels in order to be healthy enough to house fish so before you start adding those expensive fish to your tank you will want to check the water levels and ensure all chemicals are at ideal levels.

Clean Your Pump and Power Heads- At least once a month you should clean the intake and impellers of all pumps and powerheads in your tank. Over time these get a build-up of sludge and this sludge will reduce the amount of flow they produce. So by keeping your pumps in top shape you will be allowing your filters to work better and keep your fish healthier

Fish Danger- While not all saltwater fish are dangerous there are some that can bite, cut or poke you. To avoid this danger use caution when performing saltwater aquarium care if your tank houses aggressive fish like triggerfish or venomous fish like lionfish. To clean the tank safely you may need to have a helper hold them back with a poker. You can also make a plastic tank divider to keep them away from the side of the aquarium you are working on.

Saltwater life maintenance also differs from freshwater care in that there tends to be a lot of buildup of algae in saltwater system. Algae require to be cleaned up and removed of the tank on a regularly, otherwise the algae can easily take over the system. Phosphate drops are the best ways to handle algae build up in your tank.

In addition, in order to have a healthy saltwater environment for your fish and plants you ought to invest in a lighting system. The lighting system should be monitored on a daily basis, and the tank should get at least 6 hours of light per day. You can set up the lighting system on a timer if it makes it easier for you to handle this aquarium maintenance aspect.

Monitor Your System- One of the most important things you can do as an owner of a saltwater tank is to monitor your tank and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Take notice of your fish and make sure they look healthy, make sure your filters and pumps are working like they should be. And also take note of the tanks temperature and make sure it's within the safe range. All these can best be done when you feed your fish.

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