Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Beautiful Siberian Kitten For Sale

By Lisa Wagner

There are people who love all animals equally, but the fact is that some people prefer cats, and some people prefer dogs. Cats and dogs are both adorable, but their character is basically quite different. Dogs are usually eager to please, while cats expect to be pleased. Siberian cats are different. They are, at least by their character, more like dogs, so friendly and responsive. On the other hand, they are really beautiful cats. If you find one adorable little Siberian kitten for sale, you won't be able to resist.

Siberians are medium to large cats with lovely personalities and numerous appealing characteristics. They are unusually playful, even as adults, and always ready to participate in game of fetch, or any other interesting activity. There are so many things that separate them from other cats. For example, they become adults at age of five, while other cats usually get fully grown up much sooner.

They are also very healthy. When you find a good breeder to buy your kitten from, he should issue a health certificate for your pet. Both parents should be perfectly healthy and without signs of any genetic diseases. Life expectancy is fifteen years, but it could be significantly prolonged with appropriate food and life conditions.

These are generally quite active animals, if you give them an opportunity for it. If you have a large yard, your cat will appreciate spending time climbing on trees and playing with ball on your lawn. They also love to be able to watch things from above. It might be a good idea to provide them with something they can climb on inside as well.

When it comes to their appearance, Siberians are really attractive. They come in different colors, for example cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, bicolor, Tabby, or color pointed. Their eyes may also be in different colors, but color pointed variety should always have blue eyes. Different shades and combinations are possible, and all are really lovely.

Good quality food is a must, of course, but there is something else you have to be careful about when it comes to Siberians. They need to be fed respecting their schedule, and it means that they should get their meals always at the same time. You may feed your pet twice or three times a day. When it comes to a new kitten. It's better not to change the type of food he is already used to, at least not at once, but gradually.

Siberians have beautiful double coats, and they shed. Twice a year, usually sprig and autumn, they also change their coats. Regular grooming will keep both them and your home tidy. Their hair tangles easily, but good daily brushing will prevent it.

Siberians are unusual creatures, beautiful and clever, playful and affectionate. But, there is another thing you will love about them. Their purr is simply impressive, and you will know for sure when your pet is perfectly happy. Unique in every single way, each Siberian kitten deserves a good, loving owner, and you might be one of those lucky people.

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