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Looking For German Shepherd Breeders Los Angeles CA

By Ryan Johnson

A large number of people have dogs and when you plan to get a puppy there are some extremely important things to take into consideration. When you are searching for German Shepherd Breeders Los Angeles CA there are a few available options. It is essential that you do some homework on the breed before you commit to anything and essential that you use the services of a reputable dog breeder.

The German shepherd is in the working group of dogs, originating from Germany, and they are a medium to large sized animal. Due to their intelligence, strength and ability to be highly trained they are commonly used by police, military and other emergency services. A GSD will be medium haired or long haired and when fully grown a typical bitch will weigh between 50 and 60 pounds with dogs weighing in at 65 to 90 pounds.

Before you make the decision to get a GSD there are some things that you need to think very carefully about. You will need to find a vet in your area and register your dog with them and make sure you have enough time to regularly exercise the animal. You also need to ensure that your home is suitable for a medium to large dog.

Before you look for a breeder of German Shepherds there are some things to do that will help you. A lot of useful information is available in specialist dog magazines, on the web and in books and it can also be worth talking to other GSD owners. When you have done a little homework you can begin to look for a reliable dog breeder.

There are a few ways to find dog breeders in LA and you are able to find the contact numbers for them in telephone directories. You may also get in touch with the US kennel club and they will have the details for registered breeders local to you. The majority of professional breeders will also be listed online and their web pages contain some useful information which will help with your research.

There are also many German Shepherd clubs and associations that will have the details for a registered dog breeder. These clubs are also a good place to meet other owners and breeders when you are doing some research. It may also be useful to speak veterinary clinics in your neighborhood and they will be able to help and advise you.

When you have located a breeder you can get in touch with them to discuss things. If they have puppies that are for sale you can make arrangements to see them or you will be advised when the next litter will be ready. Many professional breeders will ask to inspect your home before they will sell you one of their dogs and they will allow you to meet the parents of the pup.

When you go to pick up your German shepherd puppy you are given some important documents which you need to retain. You will get the dog's pedigree papers, a vaccination card and some puppy care information. Many breeders will also register their dogs with the kennel club of America and they will have their puppy's chipped for identification purposes.

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