Friday, June 22, 2018

Bernese Mountain Dog Doodle Training: A Big Lesson In Your Kid S Life

By Henry Fox

When you decide to get a family dog, it can be the happiest moment of your kid s life. The many lessons that one can learn and the abundance of love that your kids will receive is priceless. The aim is to ensure that if you are introducing your family to a Bernese Mountain Dog Doodle, you need to involve them in the training process from the beginning.

The first step to get your children interacting with the pets is to have them offer the pet a treat. This way, your pets will instantly to take to them because of what they can offer. From here, they can start with basic instructions such as, sit or stay. Each time that your pet performs when asked, they will be rewarded with a treat and they will continue to listen with the hopes that they will always get a reward.

Caring for your pup and making sure that they are well-groomed and healthy is a must. You can start by asking your children to be responsible for these terms by handling the times in which your pets eat. Perhaps you can create a chart to stick on the fridge that will remind your child when it is time to feed the pup. Or even an alarm that rings specifically for this reason.

Another way to both widen the pup s skill set as well as get the children involved is to buy toys that enable the canine to think smarter if they wish to obtain the reward. One of the popular toys is a ball that has a small doorway which you can open to place a treat inside. The idea is for your pet to play around with it and try to get it open so that they can eat the treat.

If you haven t yet taught your pet how to walk without the leash, ensure that it is always securely on when you decide to walk them in public. Exercise is a must for all animal owners. Your children will enjoy walking the pups especially when they start to learn commands. This will also keep your pup healthy and happy as this is their chance to blow off some energy.

Make sure that no matter how confident you feel, there are always adults around to supervise the children when they are with the animals. If your child is fairly young, you may also invest in crates or even gates that are put in homes to separate the pets from the babies. This way, if you need to step away, you can simply close the gate between the two.

If you feel that the latter is happening, perhaps you may want to consider formal dog classes. This way, there will be one main person showing everyone how its meant to be done and the owners of the pups would just need to follow. These classes normally allow for more than one person in the family to attend. This is the added bonus as it will also allow your pets to interact with other pets which also teaches social skills.

It is important to maintain a good relationship between your children and the family pet. Always be sure to supervise the interactions and never assume in the early stages that they will be fine to be alone in the same room. Take the necessary precautions when you can.

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