Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Established Cat Hotel Toronto West; Ways To Ensure Trouble Free Feline Boarding

By Kimberly Sullivan

Cats tend to be more comfortable staying at home. This means that the choice to travel with your cat is completely out of the question. Then again, you cannot afford to sleep well at night if you leave your kitty all alone in the house. The best decision that you can make is to have the pet confined in a kennel until you return. During the hunt for a reliable cat hotel Toronto West could provide you with a decent number of well-established facilities.

Competent professionals will know just what to do to keep your cat safe when you are away. While the professionals will do most of the heavy lifting, you also have a duty to play in ensuring that the boarding process will be smooth for your beloved feline. There are a few solid tips that could come in handy as you make the transition.

To begin with, you want to book the hotel in advance. Begin research for the right facility weeks before the your traveling date and visit centers that have your attention. You want to consider the range of services that could be offered and even interview the professionals to ensure that your furry companions needs would be catered for. You need assurance that your cat would be comfortable and safe during your absence.

Days before the move, you should avoid the temptation of getting new treats for your feline. It is typical of cats to get stomach upsets the instant they are introduced to new feeds. While your intentions would be to make the feline know that it is loved, your attempts could result in stomach upsets and this would mess with the quality of your cats stay within a facility.

Sticking to the normal tasty and nutritious diets is important. It is also key for you to inform the boarding experts about the feeding preferences of your cat. In case it tends to be picky with food, just carry an adequate amount of its favorite food. This would ascertain that it would still have something to eat, in case it refuses to feed on the meals offered by the specialists.

If your furry friend has a medical condition that calls for special care, you may want to organize for its medications ahead of time. Pack its prescriptions and ensure that they would be enough to cover the duration of their stay. In addition, pack extra prescriptions just to be on the safe side. You also want to ensure that the facility veterinarian is in the know about what should be done in case of a medical emergency.

Another important thing to do is to invest in a comfort carrier. This would make the ride to the center stress free for you and also for your pet. Be sure to also place a washable towel inside the cage so that things do not get messy in case the cat urinates.

You should also keep an eye on your cat during the date of a move. Close the door to prevent it from running outside and hiding in the bush. The worst thing that can happen is for you to cancel your travelling plans because you need to find your lost feline.

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