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Interesting Facts About The Best British Shorthair Kittens For Sale NYC

By Donald Harris

The short hair seems like a relaxed and slothful cat breed to anyone who comes across it for the first time. This is deceiving appearance though, seeing as the cat is a capable and stealthy hunting animal. The breed originated in 19th century England where Romans brought it during the invasion of England. When considering purchasing a pet, check out these history and health facts about British Shorthair kittens for sale NYC.

The cat traces its roots back to the nineteenth century where it was a domestic favorite in many households. However, other breeds began to pop up in the twentieth century thus reducing the number of the shorthair breed. Some cat enthusiasts put much effort into making sure that the breed survived. In the late twentieth century, the breed was introduced in the USA where it found huge fan base owing to its rather unusual temperament, size, and personality.

The breeds main color was what came to be referred to as the British Blue Hue. This was the only color that the cat associations in America recognized. Nevetheless, at the end of the Second World War, the color was almost phased out completely by other varieties.

However, cat buffs went ahead and bred the Shorthair breed with the Persian blue cat and thus ensured the continuity of the gene pool that held the blue color. There are various colors that the British variety comes in today including Orange, Blue, Smoke, and the very common bi-color varieties.

The cat is easily recognizable from its large frame, relatively round nose and big cheeks. It has a thick, furry tail that is relatively short as compared to those of other breeds. The cat can weigh between nine and eighteen pounds depending on the gender and feeding patterns. This is the perfect cat breed for those with limited time since it requires little to no attention. It also has a notable loyalty trait towards its owner.

The cat requires minimal attention and will be quite content in the outdoors doing its thing. Within the house, it will be quite comfortable lying beside the owner, but not on their lap. The breed is also quite friendly and safe around young children. You only need to keep its feeding bowl full. Take note, however, that it can easily become obese if you do not observe its diet.

The Shorthair breed has a life expectancy of 12 to 18 years on average. There are very few medical conditions that plague this cat variety. The most notable issue is the cats blood type. While other domestic felines are of type A blood, this particular breed has the rarer type B blood. Cat owners with these breeds are advised to let their vets know and confirm this in case of future emergencies.

It is quite easy to groom this breed of cat. The breed has a thick and rough coat of fur that should get by with a single weekly combing. This is the perfect cat to get along with pet lovers who have enough time barely on their hands.

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