Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Process To Register My Puppy

By Catherine Ward

As a responsible pet owner, one should have their pets registered by the appropriate authorities in their country. In the United States, dogs are the most widely owned pets hence owners ought to have them registered/licensed. The American Kennel Club, abbreviated as AKC, is the most well-known registry in the country although there exist many others. When one registers their dog with any of the known registries, they have access to educational and informational services. This is how to register my puppy.

Having a pet registered with a registry also allows one to have their dog participate in various competitions and events organized and administered by the registries. Besides being a show of responsible pet ownership, registering a pet is also a requirement by the law. The government requires all people who own pets to have them registered through the right process. In fact, it is illegal not to register a pet.

There exist several registries to consider. Despite this, it is crucial to know the reason behind registering a pet. There are several benefits. For instance, when a canine is registered, it is proof of ownership for the owner. If the dog strays and gets lost, it will be easier to find the owner. Many registered pets that get lost find their way back to their owners every year.

As for purebred breeds, dog registration is essential in that it ensures the genealogy is preserved in all subsequent generations. Purebred registries offer other services like maintaining birth records. Other registries specialize in non-purebreds. For instance, the National Hybrid Registry and the Dog Registry of America are some of these registries in the United States.

When dogs are registered, a chip is normally issued to be put around their neck. This microchip normally has a special identification number. In instances where a lost pet is picked by a rescue squad, the microchip is usually scanned to positively identify the owner. This makes it easy for the animal to be taken back to the owner.

The ability to find owners of lost pets helps to remove of millions of dogs from the streets every year. As such, the streets are kept cleaner and dog-free. Most dogs that end up in shelters usually have their microchips damaged or they lack them. Thus, workers at the shelters are unable to find owners of such dogs. Such dogs are thus put up for adoption or are euthanized.

Apart from AKC, the United Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club are the two other respectable registries in North America. The two registries have websites where one can learn if their dog can be registered by them. These websites have lists of breeds of canines that are eligible in various registries.

There are registries that are meant for specific breeds. Other registries are meant for service dogs without regard to the breed. One should search the history of the registry before they make a decision. Some canines are very rare, which makes it hard to find them on lists of dogs accepted by various registries. Such dogs can be registered under the American Rare Breed Association.

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